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2020 News

Be There For You

Being there for you.

17 June 2020

We want to update you on how we have adapted our business practices to ensure all Be Wiser colleagues and customers are provided with the level of care and confidence required at this time. See More...


2019 News

Laptop on desk

Does running a business from home affect home insurance?

29 April 2019

Although the majority of household policies will cover your building and contents, your policy may become invalid if you fail to inform your insurer that you are working from home. See More...

Cleaning the kitchen floor

Do you need insurance for a cleaning business?

10 April 2019

Whether you’re a small, family run business, or you’re a large cleaning conglomerate, if you’re working with or for the general public, you’re going to need some sort of insurance cover. See More...

Waiter with plates

How much is business insurance for a restaurant?

03 April 2018

Restaurants exist to prepare and serve food for the general public which also means this line of work presents a wide range of risks. See More...

Casual meeting

What does employer’s liability insurance cover?

14 March 2019

If an employee becomes either ill or injured due to the work they are employed to perform, employers’ liability insurance will cover any compensation costs owed by your business as a result. See More...

Man sat at desk against wall

What does public liability insurance cover?

13 March 2019

Public liability insurance is there for protecting your business from the near-limitless number of accidents that can occur as you come into contact with members of the public. See More...

Notebook planner

What Insurance do I need to Start a Business?

07 March 2019

Finding the right insurance to protect your start-up company is the perfect way to shield it from any incoming disasters. Here are some of the most necessary forms of insurance to get your business started. See More...

Office Meeting

How much is general liability insurance for a small business?

04 March 2019

Too few small businesses are insured for the likelihood of a claim coming disconcertingly towards them in the near future. Investing in general liability insurance from Be Wiser is like buying a little extra peace of mind. See More...

Office building at sunset

How does business interruption insurance work?

19 February 2019

An example of when a business interruption insurance policy kicks in is when a property is damaged by fire. Itt would be standard property insurance that covers structural damage and any contents covered by the policy. However, what about the rest of the costs involved in running your business? See More...

Come In sign in glass door

Do I need insurance to start a small business?

08 January 2019

If you are mulling over possibly starting your own business, you could start balking at the prospect as your mind drifts to the subject of insurance. There seem to be so many different insurances of corporate applications: employer's liability insurance, public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance... we could continue. Which of them would you need? See More...


2018 News

Laptop, cup and mobile phone on desk

Does running a business from home affect home insurance?

25th September 2018

You might be happy with how you have insured your home, but this insurance might not remain valid if you transition your home from just a home and into a workplace, too. See More...

Hot drink, laptop and flower

Do I need business insurance if I work from home?

20th September 2018

It's easy to see the plus points of working from home. You don't have to daily contend with packed roads and traffic jams on a morning commute, while you already have the office, power, phone and internet-connected computer that you need. See More...

The New Tesla Lorry

The Autonomous Optimus

19th March 2018

Once thought of as a distant fantasy, self-driving trucks and Lorries (or autonomous to give them their correct names) are moving towards being a reality.See More...

Two Young Boys Playing in the Snow

Cost of the Beast

12th March 2018

Last week the UK was blasted by the “Beast from the East” and storm Emma.See More...

Commercial property

As Another Two Retailers go into Administration, where is Brick & Mortar Going Wrong?

6th March 2018

Last week saw another two retailers file for administration. Both Toys R Us and Maplin brought in administrators within an hour of each other and it ponders a question of how brick and mortar businesses can compete with the ever-growing e-commerce market.See More...


K For Crisis

5th March 2018

Last month saw an unprecedented number of UK KFC branches closed after the fast food giants ran out of chicken.See More...

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Logo

From PyeongChang To Your Business

26th February 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang mark the 23rd Winter Olympics.See More...

Social media logos

Ghost Broker Scam

19th February 2018

Thousands of people could be unwittingly without insurance because of fraudsters known as "ghost brokers" selling fake policies See More...

Insurance letters in scrabble

What business insurance do I need?

12th February 2018

When it comes to insuring your business it can be a daunting task. But there are few tips that might be worth bearing in mind. See More...

1900s Film Goers

Some Of The Strangest Things That Have Been Insured

5th February 2018

For most of us insurance is something that we buy to protect our cars and homes, and is for the most part something that is fairly boring to think about and tedious to sort out when our renewal comes around. However it has a slightly stranger and all together more interesting side. So here are some of the more strange examples we could find. See More...

Amazon Go shop

Could you shop without paying?

29th January 2018

Amazon has opened its first checkout-free grocery store to the public on Monday, moving forward with an experiment that could dramatically alter conventional shopping. After nearly a year's worth of delays, Amazon have publicly opened its new grocery store. See More...

A Rush Hour Train Station Platform

Are The New Fares Fair?

22nd January 2018

Train ticket fares have increased by an average of 3.4% as of the beginning of January this year. See More...


2016 News

Sushi making

Business Of The Week: Lunchspread

2nd August 2016

This week we have chosen something unique. The New York based company Lunchspread deliver free food samples to your office. See More...

Cinema seats

Business Of The Week: Rooftop Film Club

25th July 2016

Gerry Cottle Jr was brought up as a trapeze artist. With a father who owned a circus, Gerry grew up spending his summer holidays performing to large crowds of people. See More...

Pokemon Go on mobile phone

Pokemon Go

15th July 2016

Although seeing groups of young people glued to their phones is nothing new, it is quite surprising to see them congregating outside of churches, village greens and historical landmarks. See More...

Friends on a beach

Summer Breaks: Adult Summer Camp

5th July 2016

We all seem to sit at our desks every summer looking out the window watching the kids off school and remembering the “good old days”. See More...

Sleeping at the wheel

Sleep: How does it actually affect us?

1st July 2016

According to studies in the US lack of sleep is costing their economy $63.2 billion a year. See More...

Map of Munich

EU Referendum

1st June 2016

UKIP and their leader Nigel Farage managed to get David Cameron to commit to a referendum as part of his election campaign. See More...

EU flag with snapping rope

Brexit: What's best for SME's

25th May 2016

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? See More...

Building a strong and lasting business relationship

16th May 2016

First impressions are essential towards building a long and successful business. See More...

Hatchback car in countryside

Something For The Weekend

6th May 2016

Company cars are all about the image that you want to establish for your business. See More...

City view

Something for the weekend

29th April 2016

Businesses are always looking for ways to bring the whole workforce together. See More...


Something for the weekend

22nd April 2016

Businesses are always looking for a competitive edge, however sometimes they can take it too far. See More...

Be Wiser motorbike

Something for the weekend

15th April 2016

Businesses are always looking for a competitive edge, however sometimes that isn’t possible when there are small margins between products and services. See More...

Statue in thinking position

Something for the weekend

8th April 2016

After a recent report revealed that nearly 50% of the UK workforce will look for a new job in 2016, job satisfaction is increasingly becoming an undervalued factor in company performance. See More...

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday Top 5 - WrestleMania

29th March 2016

With WrestleMania 32 fast approaching this Sunday, this is the greatest spectacle in wrestling history, the equivalent to The Superbowl in NFL. See More...


How To Survive A Scandal

24th March 2016

With the recent scandals hitting the headlines - Maria Sharapova, the VW emissions debacle, there are many more - the question is, “are you prepared to handle a PR disaster?” See More...

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday Top 5 - Superhero Showdowns

22nd March 2016

In light of the highly anticipated release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this Friday, we're taking a look at some of the best and most intense head-to-heads from the comics. See More...

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday Top 5 - Sporting Scandals

15th March 2016

Sports are always in the news for some reason or another, with recent headlines about Maria Sharapova due to her failed drugs test for traces of meldonium being the latest in a long line of sporting scandals. See More...

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday Top 5 – Best Boris Moments

8th March 2016

Boris Johnson was recently crowned ‘Britain’s most popular politician’ over David Cameron in a recent poll; and it’s not very difficult to see why he is such a likeable character. See More...

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday Top 5 – Oscar Snubs

1st March 2016

On Sunday night there was a large gathering of brightest and best from the film industry for their jewel in the crown of award ceremonies, The Oscars. See More...


The Fight Back Against the Online Trend

26th February 2016

The most recent Sunday trading laws have been in force for over 20 years and a group of MPs are crying out for the modernisation of these trading hours. See More...

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday Top 5 – Mobile Releases of 2016

23rd February 2016

Yesterday Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicked off in Barcelona with the tech world licking their lips after the weeks of building anticipation. See More...

Man changing gear in car

Uber: convenience vs Controversy

16th February 2016

If you have not heard of them yet, Uber is a company that has experienced a meteoric yet controversial growth in recent years. See More...

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday Top 5 – Iconic Cars of F1

16th February 2016

The Formula 1 season is creeping up on us with the first tests in just a week’s time and the first race in Melbourne on the 20th March. See More...

Crowdfunding shows no sign of quieting down

9th February 2016

Small businesses and inventors are no longer restricted by whether or not the bank manager says yes, now they can take it directly to a public vote of confidence and gain investment with Crowdfunding. See More...

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuseday Top 5 - Pancakes

9th February 2016

Shrove Tuesday is here and as we are all sticklers for tradition, we will no doubt all indulge in a pancake or two at some point today. See More...

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuseday Top 5 - Half Term Holidays

2nd February 2016

Every 6 weeks the teachers decide they’ve had enough of your little ones and eagerly hand them back into your care, of course you love your children so you want to spoil them so they can brag to their school mates about their fun filled family holiday. See More...

Driverless pods, the future

1st February 2016

Soon to be hitting the streets of Greenwich Peninsular in London is these autonomous pods. See More...

A Great British Icon

29th January 2016

The very last Defender has rolled through the Solihull factory doors for the final time this morning (cue sobs and whimpers). See More...

Manufacturing dip hits Sterling to new low

27th January 2016

It’s the start of 2016 and what a turbulent start it has been in the financial sector. See More...

Cyber Attacks

14th January 2016

The threat of cyber attacks has been something a lot of businesses have ignored or didn't take seriously. See More...

2015 News

Don't misplace your talent

18h December 2015

For small business owners the cost of staff turnover is a problem which has many faces. See More...

Don't misplace your talent

18h December 2015

For small business owners the cost of staff turnover is a problem which has many faces. See More...

Commercial policy holders targeted!

11th December 2015

The Insurance fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) have been stamping out fraudulent claims recently as they join arms with insurers to battle against misrepresentation and other types of insurance fraud. See More...

The Age of Turbo

9th December 2015

For lower vehicle tax, less emissions and better fuel efficiency, the future for consumers and fleet operators will be turbocharged. See More...

Small business saturday

4th December 2015

Is your business making the most of the holiday shopping season? See More...

UN Climate Change Conference - Could it result in real change?

2nd December 2015

Possibly the most important meeting of leaders has just begun, are you aware of the danger? See More...

Understanding the cloud

30th November 2015

Cloud computing has been used back as far as the 1950s, generally known as ‘mainframe’ computers back then. See More...

Rising costs of SMEs

25th November 2015

Although staffing costs are generally the biggest and most obvious cost to an SME, the utilities that they pay are often overlooked. See More...

Calculating storm damage easier than ever before through new research

20th November 2015

Storm damage, particularly wind damage, is one of the greatest causes of property damage in the UK. See More...

UK businesses concerned as more workers delay retirement

13th October 2015

An increasing number of workers in Britain are delaying their retirement, which has got employers worried - that’s according to new research by professional services firm, Towers Watson. See More...

George Osborne announces radical plans to overhaul business rates in Britain – but what will it mean for businesses?

9th October 2015

This week the Chancellor announced the biggest shake up of the business rates system since 1990. See More...

Majority of UK employers Unaware not paying minimum wage is a criminal offence - research shows

8th October 2015

In the wake of last week’s increase in the National Minimum Wage, a study has shown that as many as 80% UK business owners are unaware that paying below the minimum wage is a criminal offence. See More...

A quarter of UK businesses are started with less than £1,000

7th October 2015

How much money do you really need to start a business? – Research suggests not much at all. See More...

UK small businesses want to stay in EU

5th October 2015

A recent study by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) asked its members for their views on the forthcoming referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union (EU). See More...

Will the sharing economy change the way we work?

22nd september 2015

The digital revolution has brought many industries to their knees and reinvented the way everyday people do business with each other. See More...

Angel Investors - A guide to business finance

16th september 2015

Financing a company has long been the drain of a CEO’s time and resources. See More...

Is online advertising viable for small businesses?

14th september 2015

There has been a surge in programmatic online banner advertising over the last few years (increasing from 28% in 2013 to 45% in 2014) in terms of total UK digital marketing. See More...

Small business pressure group calls for faster broadband in the UK

11th september 2015

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), the UK's leading business organisation that protects and promotes the interests of small business owners, has called for telecoms providers to guarantee minimum broadband speeds of 10 Mbps across the UK, following complaints about unreliable broadband by its members See More...

Employers can now refer staff to ‘Fit for Work’ to help combat long-term sickness absences

9th september 2015

Employers in England and Wales, who face lengthy staff sickness absences, are now able to refer employees to the government’s Fit for Work service. See More...

Invoice finance restrictions to be relaxed for small businesses early next year

9th september 2015

In a previous Be Wiser Business Insurance article, it was reported that small businesses are owed an estimated £26bn in late payments and that a ‘late payment culture’ was becoming the norm in supply chains across a number of UK industries. See More...

How the Queen gives UK businesses a competitive edge

8th september 2015

The Queen and the British monarchy give UK businesses an edge in their international marketing, that’s according to new research performed by Warwick Business School. See More...

Why do businesses change their typeface?

4th september 2015

Google recently unveiled its most significant logo redesign since 1999, ditching the sans-serif typeface for a purpose built font that Google called Product Sans. See More...

Overcoming export obstacles: A guide for the internationally ambitious entrepreneur

1st september 2015

In 2012 Chancellor George Osborne called for UK exports to be doubled by 2020, to reach £1 trillion. See More...

Small businesses to face tougher penalties for hiring illegal migrants

26th August 2015

Under new proposals announced on Tuesday, the government is planning to come down much harder on small businesses that employ illegal migrants as well as the migrants themselves. See More...

Just five British businesses make Forbes' Most Innovative List

26th August 2015

Forbes has recently published its ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’ list for 2015, in which only five UK businesses were ranked in the top 100. See More...

David Cameron warns businesses: Back apprenticeships or lose Government contracts

25th August 2015

David Cameron recently shared his plan to increase the number of apprenticeship programmes offered by large businesses. See More...

Leading business expert backs call for cut in business rates

24th August 2015

The Government’s “business tsar”, Sir Charlie Mayfield, has backed an emphatic call from retailers to overhaul business rates in the UK. See More...

How will changes to EU data protection laws affect UK businesses?

21st August 2015

Despite considerable technological advances of recent years, the rise of social media and the big data boom, data protection laws have not significantly altered over the past 20 years. See More...

Businesses warn government over migration curbs?

18th August 2015

Several of the UK’s biggest businesses have warned against the government’s proposals to tighten rules surrounding the employment of foreign workers, warning that new restrictions could increase costs, threaten graduate programmes and encourage firms to move their operations abroad. See More...

£6.4bn per year – The cost of bad business advice

18th August 2015

According to research commissioned by Direct Line for Business, one in six small businesses lost money last year because of poor professional advice received from third party consultants and businesses. See More...

Growing takeaway industry worth £9 billion to UK economy

17th August 2015

According to analysis performed by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), UK takeaway businesses contributed £8.3 billion to the economy last year and supported more than 220,000 direct jobs. See More...

Is the currency of international business set to change?

14th August 2015

Over the last thirty years the way we do business has been transformed by technology, from communication to location, the average UK business would now be unrecognisable from its former self. See More...

App Store and listings website businesses to be targeted by government tax crackdown

12th August 2015

As part of a government crackdown on tax evasion, anyone running a business online through an app store, listings site of similar service, could face new scrutiny. See More...

The High Street suffers worst summer for six years

11th August 2015

High streets in the UK have endured their worst summer in summer in six years, reports The Guardian, as unpredictable weather and the lure of restaurants and holidays have kept shoppers away. See More...

The Migrant Crisis – How is it affecting businesses?

7th August 2015

With the migrant crisis at Calais is showing little sign of easing , a leading transport group this week warned that the crisis could derail Britain’s fragile economic recovery. See More...

Prime Minister unveils new rules for British businesses to help end slave labour

6th August 2015

David Cameron recently became the first serving British Prime Minister to visit Vietnam and during his visit last week, he vowed to end the “abhorrent trade” of slavery and human trafficking. See More...

Businesses warned that one in seven workers could skip work to watch the Rugby World Cup

5th August 2015

A leading jobs website has warned British Businesses to embrace the upcoming Rugby World Cup or risk a flood of unauthorised absences. See More...

Should small retailers rush to adopt Apple Pay?

4th August 2015

Apple Pay was lauched in the UK on the 14th July, with over 250,000 UK retailers accepting the new contactless payment method. See More...

Small business commissioner to help firms tackle billions in late payments

31st July 2015

The government has estimated that small businesses are owed £26bn in late payments and the cost of chasing these debts amounts to millions of pounds a year. See More...

The true cost of pulling a 'sickie'

30th July 2015

Around 16% of Britons admit to pulling a ‘sickie’ at some point during the year. To put this figure into perspective, it costs the UK economy an average of £100 billion a year for sick leave in total. This means of this £100 billion approximately £16 billion can be contributed by ‘sickies’. See More...

Card processing fee cap set to benefit UK businesses

28th July 2015

Chancellor George Osborne recently announced new Government proposals to cap processing fees charged by banks and it is estimated that the rules could save UK businesses up to £480m a year. See More...

Are businesses better off moving away from London?

27th July 2015

The future of London as the UK’s centre of everything has come under fire from the media. It seems everyone is out to slam London as overpriced and lacking in opportunity. See More...

How to get business finance without using a bank

24th July 2015

As the UK economy rises like a phoenix from the ashes, more people are beginning to see the benefits of creating their own business. See More...

Trustmark to be created for UK app businesses in ‘sharing economy’

24th July 2015

The UK is soon to become the first country to create a trustmark for the growing number of app businesses which allow people to rent out personal property or offer themselves for hire as cleaners, pet sitters, taxi drivers and more. See More...

Fleet management: Using autonomous emergency braking technology to reduce minor crashes

21th July 2015

The majority of UK road collisions are caused at low speeds, typically less than 30mph. The severity of these small bumps and scraps is low and individual costs may not amount to much however, over time the implications can be much more noticeable for insurers and in turn fleet policyholders. See More...

Fraudulent ‘slip and trip’ liability claims rise dramatically

20th July 2015

According to industry figures the number of insurance liability frauds – including ‘slip and trip’ incidents has surged in the last year. See More...

Tablet sales are slowing, but there’s a future in business

14th July 2015

While Apple’s iPhone continues to generate impressive revenue for the company, sales of its iPad fell by 18% in the final quarter of 2014 compared with the previous year’s figures, despite the launch of the new iPad Air. See More...

The budget: Bad news for small businesses?

13th July 2015

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, presented his seventh Budget to parliament last Wednesday, the first for a majority conservative Government since November 1996. See More...

Don’t forget these five essentials when making business forecasts

7th July 2015

One of the most common reasons small businesses fail is because they run out of money to cover their costs. See More...

Click-and-collect is the new battleground for retailers - but is it bad for business?

6th July 2015

In an attempt to make shopping more convenient for customers, increasing numbers of UK retailers now offer a click-and-collect service as well as traditional location shopping. See More...

The future of UK flying

3rd July 2015

On the 1st July 2015 the Airports Commission released their final report on the UK aviation expansion plan. The report explores the opportunities to expand either Heathrow or Gatwick airport and whilst no formal decision has been made, it is thought the report forms a crucial part of the Governments decision process. See More...

The Grexit - Can a shoe maker from London change the fate of Europe?

1st July 2015

For several months now, the European Union has been on a knife’s edge over the substantial debt that Greece has amassed. See More...

UK car industry on course to reach 2 million vehicles a year

1st July 2015

When Rover collapsed ten years ago, Britain’s car manufacturing industry appeared to be in disrepute, however the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has recently revealed that the sector is breaking new records, with turnover reaching an all-time high in 2014 of £69.5 billion. See More...

Is your business ignoring its online reputation?

30th June 2015

More than three-quarters of SME decision makers stress the importance of having a good online reputation, however 40% report never checking their company’s online reviews. See More...

Small businesses are overlooking military experience on CVs

26th June 2015

According to a survey commissioned by Barclays’ Armed Forces Transition, Employment and Resettlement (AFTER) programme, less than half of employers would look favourably on the military experience of potential employees. See More...

Professional indemnity insurance – how much cover do I need?

25th June 2015

The question as to how much professional indemnity cover to purchase can be a difficult one and inevitably varies from one business to the next. See More...

What would “Brexit” mean for Small Businesses?

22nd June 2015

Following the recent Conservative majority win at the 2015 General Election, an in-out referendum with regards to Britain’s membership of the EU is looking ever more likely. See More...

How branding can make or break a small business

17th June 2015

The official definition of branding is "The promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design See More...

Small Businesses: 12 Simple Ways to Cut Your Costs

16th June 2015

Small business owners should always be on the lookout for ways to reduce their expenditure and boost profitability. See More...

Will a clampdown on non-EU migrants hamper UK business growth?

15th June 2015

Business groups have recently spoken out against David Cameron’s proposed restriction on skilled immigration from outside of the EU, warning that it would restrict growth. See More...

Business Expenses: What can I Claim?

10th June 2015

If you run a business it is likely you know that you can claim expenses on some of your costs. Expenses are tax deductible and can therefore provide a helping hand to your business on its road to success. See More...

Is Silicon Valley shaping the office of the future?

5th June 2015

The tech titans of Silicon Valley are at the forefront of business development. The likes of Apple and Google are constantly experimenting with new techniques and processes to further their business growth and customer experience. See More...

The Robot Hotel: A sign of things to come?

3rd June 2015

Human innovation has been and always will be revolved around making our lives better, from the wheel to the washing machine all have been designed to make our tasks easier. See More...

Driverless Lorries are here – Is this the future of road haulage?

28th May 2015

If you’re planning to visit Nevada this summer, you may be in for a bit of shock, especially if you encounter one of these futuristic-looking 18-wheelers on the highway. See More...

Advocate General's advice on 'Woolworths' case: What it means for employers?

11th May 2015

According to EU directive 98/59, If an employer plans to dismiss 20 or more employees at 'one establishment' within a 90 day period, they must inform and consult with the employees' representatives (e.g. a trade union). See More...

Understanding unoccupied property cover

15th May 2015

Many property owners have to manage unoccupied properties at some point, and whilst most policies cover for unoccupancy, the policy wording can lead to confusion and misunderstanding which can result in declined claims and leave owners out of pocket. See More...

Are you up to date on Employment Law?

12th May 2015

April saw the government introduce a collection of changes affecting employment law. We have compiled a list of the changes to ensure business owners understand their purpose and implications. See More...

Consumers prefer to do business with apprentice employers

8th April 2015

A study, The Benefits of Apprenticeships to Businesses, by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) revealed that UK business could gain an additional £18bn revenue from apprentices. See More...

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