Business Of The Week: Lunchspread

2nd August 2016

This week we have chosen something unique. The New York based company Lunchspread deliver free food samples to your office.

Now we know this sounds too good to be true but it gets better. The way it works is, they provide a survey for you and your colleagues to fill out about your likes and dislikes. You will then receive samples at an allotted time from local restaurants for you to try, with a form to review the food. If you like the food then you can place an order for next time.

Looking through the menu it would appear that they have a large variety of restaurants available. From sandwiches to sushi burrito platters, there's plenty to keep you excited.


The company is a fairly new company with the idea that most offices organise the same boring lunch each week as the person in charge of ordering doesn’t want anyone to feel left out. However, this method illuminates this with a simple survey.

Currently the business is only operating within New York City, but we would love to see something like this operating internationally.

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