Tuesday Top 5 – Pancake toppings

9th February, 2016

Shrove Tuesday is here and as we are all sticklers for tradition, we will no doubt all indulge in a pancake or two at some point today.

The lifestyle gurus among us always say variety is the spice of life so if you’re a classic ‘citron et le sucre’ sort, this top 5 is your gateway to a brave new world of pancakes.

From savoury to sweet, these are our top 5 pancake toppings to try:

  1. Nutella, Just to ease into these alternatives to Lemon and sugar. Very simple and delicious at the same time, already a favourite breakfast spread which goes perfectly with pancakes.
  2. Streaky Bacon & Eggs, An American classic, if you’ve ever been to an American diner then you’ll have seen a stack of thick pancakes covered in sweet cured bacon, maple syrup and scrambled eggs on the side. The perfect breakfast as a treat every now and again.
  3. Strawberries & Ice Cream, A development on the Wimbledon classic, beautifully simple and will definitely have you going back for more; you could even sprinkle some extra sugar on the strawberries if you desire.
  4. Millionaire shortbread, Welcome to the world of extravagant indulgence. Crushed shortbread, smooth caramel and a drizzling of chocolate sauce. Wrap all this into a pancake and you have a deeply rich delicacy.
  5. Banoffee Filled, a take on the classic pie, warm banana slices smothered in the classic banoffee sauce with some ice cream to top it off. The perfect remedy for any sweet tooth.
  6. If these great ideas haven’t got you drooling over the possibilities of pancakes, then tell us your favourite by commenting below.