Inexpensive ways to maximise employee potential

8th April 2016

After a recent report revealed that nearly 50% of the UK workforce will look for a new job in 2016, job satisfaction is increasingly becoming an undervalued factor in relation to company performance and companies achieving their corporate objectives. Research has shown that appreciation and trust can be an integral part in driving employee engagement. Thankfully, this doesn’t cost much. Here are 5 ways to maximise employee potential:

  1. Effective Communication - Nearly 43% of the UK labour force agreed that they were not happy with their current role due to poor management, which can lead to employees becoming alienated. It is vital to effectively communicate the company’s goals and objectives, highlighting expectations which can create a better structured environment through clear communication. This will enable employees to improve productivity through better efficiency, and encourage a transparent atmosphere amongst the business, which will create a greater understanding and appreciation of employees.
  2. Career Progression – Almost a third of people stated that no career progression was the reason as to looking elsewhere. Investing a partial amount of your time into growth and development can have a huge impact on staff morale and productivity. Team members need to feel like they are learning new things and advancing in their careers. Companies can even go one further and utilise employees’ past experiences for the benefit of your company, giving you that business competitive edge and saving additional training costs. Thus it is vital for your employees to have personal career goals, which can increase staff motivation and loyalty.
  3. Team Building Activities – Establishing a personal relationship with employees can go a long way which doesn’t require significant funds. Research has shown that trust and confidence are one of the 3 key drivers of employee engagement. The use of staff socials and team meetings can help build relations and communications, creating a friendly atmosphere and thus collaborating to meet company objectives.
  4. Recognition – Another key component of employee engagement, recognition and appreciation can be such a simple method in improving job satisfaction. It doesn’t cost a lot and it doesn’t take a huge amount of your time. Cash incentives can also be a costly measure and numerous non-cash can provide similar results. Awards such as ‘Employee of the Month’ or a personal gift can improve staff retention and staff morale, which can help improve company performance in the long term. Demonstrating a personal interest in the people who work for you, knowing their interests can mean employers can target what motivates each individual on their team.
  5. Relaxing Environment - A dull or boring atmosphere does not stimulate and nor does it motivate employees. Having a day dedicated to dressing down can create a ‘Feel Good Friday’ factor. Certain guidelines may need to be implemented to prevent employees from overstepping the mark, but this is regarded as a simple, powerful tool. Having a flexible working environment on a Friday can additionally drive employees away from alienation. Other ideas may consist of certain restrictions on internet being lifted, and allowing the use of mobile phones. More recently, the BBC revealed that bringing your own pet into work can also increase productivity.

There are lots of other ways to get more from your employees but it is always worth trying new things to break out of the norm. Don't let your employees stagnate and allow them to grow and succeed. Feel free to implement these into your business and take it to the next level.