Promoting Your Business The Right Way

15th April 2016

Businesses are always looking for a competitive edge, however sometimes that isn’t possible when there are small margins between products and services. This is where the promotion and strength of your brand can put your business above the rest.

In this week’s something for the weekend, we’ve looked at the best ways to promote your business and most importantly, your brand. At the end of the day, you need your product to be the first choice amongst your competitors and getting the most from your promotions is the best way to do it.

  1. Team Sponsorship - Sports teams are always in need of sponsorship, with rising costs and demand for success from millions of fans. Sponsorship can range from Sunday league to premier league and that’s just football, other sports are available, motor racing is another which has many channels that can be exploited. The current trend in big business is having a sporting arena named after the company like the Levi's Stadium which is home to the San Francisco 49ers. The Barclays Premier League has been going for 15 years and is the most watched football league around the world. So Barclays gets global exposure every weekend on multiple occasions, not a bad return on the investment. These are obviously the top echelons of sponsorship, but there are plenty of lower level sponsorship opportunities that still give a great amount of exposure for your business.

  2. Community Projects – It is always a good idea to have a positive relationship with your neighbours and surrounding area. That’s why helping to fund and raise awareness of a community initiative will always put your company in a positive light. The important aspect of this sort of promotion is the choice of project, you must ensure there are no underlying issues before you begin. It also promotes the company’s ethics and the local attitude towards the business. A fantastic example of this which has been developed to make an impact on a national scale is the Aviva Community Fund, essentially a competition open to anyone with a community cause where winners can gain grants of up to £25,000. Now obviously not every business is big enough to give away thousands of pounds, however being a part of a community project isn’t out of any businesses' reach.

  3. Affiliation – When deciding upon which contractor to use, you’d usually lean towards the one registered with a governing body. That’s why it is always beneficial to register with the leading standard in your industry. Even sites like Checkatrade or Trip Advisor have their place as an opportunity to list your business to potential clients. Essentially these are a modern method of word of mouth that gives the customer an array of options plus the chance to air their opinions and feedback about the business.

  4. Pro Bono - A simple yet effective way to promote the business without needing a bucket load of cash. As well as being relatively cost effective, pro bono work will also give the opportunity to showcase what your business has to offer. If you demonstrate a fantastic product or service, then they will be able to see that you are worth the money next time as well as the exposure to other potential customers too. There is always a good press opportunity if you can create the interest or do it for a not for profit organisation.

These are just some ideas of getting your name out there for the right reasons, a great example is RED BULL, just think of how many events, teams, competitions and atheletes they plaster their brand all over, it’s unmissable. They have: The Air race, Xfighters, Cliff diving, Mountain biking, Soap box racing, WRC, F1, Moto GP and even their own race track in Austria called the Red Bull Ring. Hopefully this has given you a starting point on where to promote your business next.