Summer Breaks: Adult Summer Camp

5th July 2016

We all seem to sit at our desks every summer looking out the window watching the kids off school and remembering the “good old days”. The memories of hours down the lake getting drunk or playing tag down the local field come flooding back. What if this wasn’t all over?

Well CNC (Camp No Counsellors) is trying to battle summer time boredom. Founded by Adam Tichauer (33), they are a company which specialise in bringing out your inner child. Adam invited about 90 people, including friends, to a summer camp that he had rented for three nights. With activities planned such as water-skiing and dancing to DJ’s, he found that everyone thoroughly enjoyed them-selves.

Adam decided to do it again but in winter this time attracting 120 people. This confirmed for Adam that he could make a viable business. So in 2014 with support from friends and family he quit his day job and created what is now CNC.

Through mainly word of mouth the company has expanded quickly. Now running 30 camps across 10 locations in the US, and Canada.

The camps have got bigger and bigger, currently taking in 200 people per camp. However not everyone can attend. To go to one of these camps you have to first register, fill out a questionnaire about yourself and give your social media details.

CNC will then assess if you would be a viable candidate for the camp. They want to ensure that of the 200 selected they are people who want to be at the camp the most. With a track record of zero disputes, the staff at CNC are keen to keep it this way.

With the camp designed to keep you away from the day to day working life, there are no distractions. Any talk of what someone does for a job is banned and there is no wifi. Maybe this is the break that business owners need to break away from the daily stress.