Tuesday Top 5 – Iconic Cars of F1

16th February, 2016

The Formula 1 season is creeping up on us with the first tests in just a week’s time and the first race in Melbourne on the 20th March. As usual the pinnacle of motorsport will attempt to dazzle with glitz, glamour and of course speed. The revived Renault Sport F1 has already been unveiled in striking black trimmed with yellow.

To get you in the mood for another thriller of an F1 season (although no Maldonado drama) we are rolling back the years with some of our best loved F1 cars.

From classic to concept, these are the top 5:

  1. Lotus 78 (John Player Special) - Everyone knows about the John Player Special, a true icon which went unchanged because it kept on winning. With a Ford Cosworth V8 and weighing just 588Kg it was a monster of its day, a British classic.

  2. McLaren MP4/4 – The Senna & Prost pairing was one of the reasons this is such an iconic F1 car. Powered by a tiny 1.5 litre turbo V6, it raced its way to be the champion vehicle of the 1988 season. Even though it is such a lightweight in terms of power it was featured in the early Gran Turismo games.

  3. Tyrrell P34 – One of the most recognisable designs in motorsport history, this 6 wheeler shared the track with our No.1 in 1978. It wasn’t a champion but did win the Swedish Grand Prix and is one of the most radical designs ever.

  4. Williams FW14 – This car was good enough to tempt Nigel Mansell from Ferrari, this was the most sophisticated car on the grid in 1991 and it proved its dominance again and again. The aerodynamics of this car would lead the way for the next 20 years of Formula 1.

  5. Ferrari F1 (Concept) - So it's not a real car - yet, at least - but it's stunning. Whilst similarly-pitched concepts from Red Bull and McLaren-Honda bear a closer resemblance to the standard Formula E model, the Ferrari is recognisably Formula 1 whilst looking like Doc Brown brought it back from 2085. The future pinnacle of motorsport?