Tuesday Top 5 – Best Boris Moments

8th March, 2016

Boris Johnson was recently crowned ‘Britain’s most popular politician’ over David Cameron in a recent poll; and it’s not very difficult to see why he is such a likeable character. After Boris’ recent comments on the Andrew Marr show regarding EU reforms on UK Sovereignty as ‘not achievable’ and the government has not brought ‘fundamental change’, we take a look back at 5 of the most memorable moments which made the UK fall in love with this man.

  1. Boris' Basketball Trick Shot - Not known for his sporting abilities, Boris Johnson was able to produce a moment of magic by stunning the general public with this effortless overhead trick shot which Michael Jordan would have been proud of, with many labelling him as the new ‘Magic Johnson’. Boris was demonstrating his abilities at the time when he was outside the City Hall promoting the 2013 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four Basketball Tournament.

  2. Boris’ Rugby Take Down – Another memorable sporting moment from the legend himself, not many would have the determination and courage to go toe to toe with a 10 year old on a rugby field. But this is Boris Johnson, our London Mayor, and the sporting superstar produced another hilarious moment – demonstrating his quick step and power to flatten a schoolboy over an innocent game of touch rugby.

  3. Poor kid never stood a chance.

  4. The Infamous Zip Wire - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s... Boris Johnson stuck on a zip wire. During the build up to the London 2012 Olympic Games, Boris was seen gracefully gliding down the zip wire waving his British flags in Victoria Park. However, he started to lose momentum and gradually came to an awkward stop hanging above a crowd of people whilst onlookers gathered out their mobiles and started to take snaps. Whilst if many politicians were put in the same scenario it could have been a disaster, Boris emerged triumphant. Boris 1, Zip wire 0.

  5. Boris’ Football Tackle vs. Germany - Perhaps of the most recognized incidents to take place throughout Boris’ career, was the infamous ‘charge’ tackle on Maurizio Gaudino. Boris later admitted during a post-match interview: "I'm a rugby player really and I knew I was going to get to him, and when he was about two yards away I just put my head down. There was no malice in my actions. I was going for the ball with my head, which I understand is a legitimate move in soccer”. Some argued Gaudino dived, some argued Boris was just letting his opponent know ‘he was there’... But one thing for certain, Boris did get the ball.

  6. Boris Johnson – Superhero - Just like in the movies, the beautiful woman is in trouble and crying out for a superhero to help. Who will answer the call? Superman? Batman? No. It was Boris Johnson who decided to answer the cry of a woman who was surrounded by a group of young girls armed with an ‘iron weld’. As quick as the Flash, Boris was on his bike and chased the group calling them ‘oiks’. Later, being the gentleman that Boris is, he walked the lady back home – all in a day’s work of being a politician and hero. The woman later called Boris her ‘knight on a shining bicycle’. God bless you Boris.