Tuesday Top 5 – Oscar Snubs

1st March, 2016

On Sunday night there was a large gathering of brightest and best from the film industry for their jewel in the crown of award ceremonies, The Oscars, already scathed by the controversy of there being no black nominees in any of the acting categories did not disappoint. Chris Rock deserves an award for making it one of the best awards ceremonies of recent times, keeping it witty and flowing throughout.

By now we’ve all heard who the winners were, Leo finally got the recognition he has been craving and Sam Smith rejoiced after winning with the Spectre theme. But who was left out in the cold? Who didn’t make the cut? Who is the new Leonardo Di Caprio.

Well here they are our favourite snubs of the 2016 Oscars:

  1. The Martian: Gets the top spot for having the chance to win 7 and failing in all. Sir Ridley Scott wasn’t even nominated for best director amongst the 7 nominations, something must have been missed here considering he was nominated for best director by over 10 awarding bodies.

  2. Sylvester Stallone, Creed: Possibly Sly’s best performance in decades, he picked up the Golden Globe for best supporting actor and this was almost a given, except they gave it to Mark Rylance. Not that Mark Rylance doesn’t deserve it, but he had limited screen time and impact in Bridge of Spies and this might have been Sly’s last chance.

  3. Straight Outta Compton: A film which had a break through young cast and smashed the box office on both sides of the Atlantic. This seems to have been forgotten by the Academy as they seem to neglect most films released more than two months before the ceremony.

  4. Jake Gyllenhaal, Southpaw: One in a long line of fantastic individual performances from Jake Gyllenhaal (such as Prisoners and Nightcrawler) was completely overlooked again. Southpaw received mixed reviews but one constant point of praise was the outstanding performance from Gyllenhaal. A very similar story to Michael B. Jordan who continues to put in great performances with minimal reward.

  5. ‘See You Again’, Furious 7: This song set records in the UK and brought tears to the cinema, Wiz Khalifa’s tribute to the late Paul Walker was wonderfully fitting end to this film. However it didn’t receive a nomination in a category which was won by a Sam Smith’s attempt at a Bond theme. This song managed to reach No.1 in over 30 countries, but there was not even a mention of it at the Academy Awards.