Tuesday Top 5 – WrestleMania

29th March 2016

With WrestleMania 32 fast approaching this Sunday, this is the greatest spectacle in wrestling history, the equivalent to The Superbowl in NFL. This year features numerous exciting matches on the roster ranging from the returning Shane McMahon v Undertaker, AJ Styles V Chris Jericho and Triple H V Roman Reigns. As we get ready for this Sunday, we take a look at some of the most memorable moments in WWE history.

  1. The Rock v Stone Cold – WrestleMania XIX - Arguably two of the greatest athletes within the sports entertainment industry, no-one can deny that these two produced the greatest feud in their prime during the Attitude Era, which boasted a wealth of main event stars amongst WWE’s main roster. Austin was the face of WWF (back then as it was known) and his meteoric rise to stardom along with his incredible rivalry against Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart saw him capture his first WWF Championship, initiated the start of WWE’s dominance of WCW during the infamous Monday Night Wars ratings. The Rock was the most electrifying and charismatic wrestler ever to grace the ring, possessing the best microphone skills and in ring abilities to sell the best moves. These two fought it out once in WrestleMania 7where Stone Cold was victorious on that occasion. At WrestleMania XIX, both wrestlers were booked as babyfaces during the start of the match and their chemistry in the ring was impeccable, electrifying crowds around the world with the MILLIONS watching at home. The Rock won via pinfall after performing three Rock Bottoms on Austin and Stone Cold shortly after retired from the ring. Afterwards, the pair shared a moment with Austin in the ring, later admitting to pushing the referee away so the two could embrace and sharing his respect to Steve, thanking him for all that he had given to the business.

  2. Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit Embrace – WrestleMania XX – During an era where the larger wrestlers dominated the main event status, the smaller wrestlers were limited to mid-card status, often featuring in Cruiserweight high flying action and Tag Team matches. However, Eddie and Chris were the first to break the wave where smaller guys with the better in ring technical abilities were allowed to elevate themselves into main event status. This event was hosted in front of a sold out crowd in Madison Square Garden, and after both wrestlers won their match, the pair embraced in the middle of the ring celebrating together, showing the amount of hard work and dedication both wrestlers had put in – starting at the bottom and making their way to the top of the industry. Unfortunately, after a couple of years later, both wresters sadly passed away due to tragic circumstances which makes the event much more memorable.

  3. The Rock v Hulk Hogan (Icon v Icon) – WrestleMania X8 - Hulk Hogan was the face of the WWF industry around the 70s and 80s, and managed to break into the film industry featuring in such films as Gremlins 2 and Mr Nanny. He played a huge part in bringing wrestling mainstream. The Rock was the face of the company around the 90s and started developing an acting career in Hollywood featuring in The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King. After 2002, Hogan returned along with the greatest faction in pro wrestling – WCW, and as the leader of one generation, wanted to demonstrate his immortality and greatness against the younger and hottest star. The Rock was able to kick out of Hulk Hogan’s famous Leg Drop and managed to beat Hogan after a Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow combination. This was one of the first and only time where Hogan had suffered a clean loss against another superstar, no other than The Great One.>

  4. Undertaker’s Streak 21-1 – WrestleMania XXX – Part of Wrestlemania’s annual spectacle always consisted of the Undertaker’s Streak. Having been undefeated for over 20 years and participating in numerous matches which ended the careers of HBK and Triple H, The Undertaker was considered a ‘phenom’ and legend in the ring. However, Brock Lesnar - the man from UFC, was able to break the undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, a moment which still brings chills down your spine. An eerie silence filled the sold out crowd in New Orleans, making this one of the most memorable moments in pro wrestling history.

  5. Hulk Hogan Powerslams Andre The Giant – WrestleMania III - Possibly the greatest ever moment in Wrestling history, Hulk Hogan was able to lift a man who weighed 240 kg (520 lb) and body slam him in the middle of the ring, bringing the largest pop ever in wrestling history with such amazement. Throughout the match, Andre was the bad guy and Hogan was billed as the underdog, with Hogan struggling to lift Andre The Giant and Andre dominating the whole match. But with the help of the Hulkamaniacs and fans, Hogan was able to do his infamous ‘Hulking Up’ and lift Andre above his head and slam him – bringing an rapturous roar from the crowd, and delivering his infamous Leg Drop, thus retaining the WWF Championship. This memorable moment always features on WWE’s WrestleMania highlight reel in the build up to every Wrestlemania, thus solidifying this as the greatest moment ever in wrestling history.

With the likes of John Cena, Seth Rollins out injured this year, and the retirement of Daniel Bryan due to injuries, we could be set for another new Era in WWE, perhaps Roman Reigns will finish the year as a champion, which would be well deserved after his rocky road to Wrestlemania 32. We hope that this look back to previous greats has wetted your appetite for Wrestlemania this Sunday, let us know your favourite by leaving a comment below.