From PyeongChang To Your Business

26th February 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang mark the 23rd Winter Olympics. Starting on the 9th of February and closing yesterday on the 25th. We saw a total of 2920 athletes from 92 countries competing in 102 events in 7 sports over 15 disciplines. This truly is the biggest and most grand spectacle of winter sporting competition.

Throughout the competition we have seen some brilliant spectacles such as:

These were just some of the highlights from a brilliant 2 weeks of world class sporting activity.
But one event that was not such a welcome sight at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics was a cyber attack that hit during the opening ceremony.
During the opening ceremony the official Winter Olympics website was taken offline after being hit by a cyber-attack, the site was affected just before the beginning of the opening ceremony TV and internet systems at the Games were also disrupted, though operations were restored about 12 hours later.

The following official statement was released on Monday the 12th of February:
Winter Olympics officials have confirmed the games were hit by a cyber-attack during the opening ceremony – but have refused to confirm rumours in PyeongChang that Russia was responsible.
Shortly before the ceremony, the official PyeongChang 2018 site stopped working, with users unable to access information or print tickets for events. The website was only normalised at 8am on Saturday, 12 hours later.
The wifi in the PyeongChang Olympic stadium also stopped working along with televisions and internet at the main press centre.
PyeongChang 2018 spokesperson Sung Baik-you refused to confirm the country behind the attack but said: “There was a cyber-attack and the server was updated yesterday during the day and we have the cause of the problem”.

Prior to the Games, some cyber-security experts had expressed concern that countries like Russia and North Korea might try to target the event.

But the Russian Foreign Ministry has denied rumours that Russian hackers were involved.

"We know that Western media are planning pseudo-investigations on the theme of 'Russian fingerprints' in hacking attacks on information resources related to the hosting of the Winter Olympic Games in the Republic of Korea," the foreign ministry said.

There have been concerns for months that the Games and spectators could be targeted by cyber-attacks. The PyeongChang Games are certainly not the first to be targeted by hackers.

In January, Konstantinos Karagiannis, BT's chief technology officer for security consulting, tweeted that during the 2012 London Olympics he and his team, "fought back quite a cyber-onslaught".

If you or your business have been the victim of a cyber-attack or are worried that you could be there a number of things that you can do to make sure that your business is correctly covered and protected in the event of a targeted cyber attack.

First and foremost making sure that you are correctly and adequately covered in the event that anything does happen to your business is vital.

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