Some of the strangest things that have been insured

5th February 2018

For most of us insurance is something that we buy to protect our cars and home, and is for the most part something that is fairly boring to think about and tedious to sort out when our renewal comes around. However it has a slightly stranger and all together more interesting side. So here are some of the more strange examples we could find.

Top Tash

Merv Hughes

Australian cricketer Merv Hughes insured his famous moustache for an estimated £225,000. Merv’s marvellous tash was indeed iconic.

However Lloyd’s of London also insured the most famous beardy man of all time, Santa Claus, obviously not the real one, but the Father Christmas at New York’s Macy’s department store.

Legs Eleven

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum’s legs are reportedly insured for a massive $2.2million. Whilst going through the insurance process Heidi apparently had to fly to London to have her legs “inspected” by the Lloyd’s underwriters. We wonder how many employees volunteered for that job.

The Midas Touch

Keith Richards

Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards has put a finger up to the world on many occasions - but it’s not the only thing his digit is famous for. It turns out he’s got that middle finger insured for a whopping $1.6m. Not so he can tell people where to go, but so he can keep strumming his guitar.

The Big Smoke

World record holding cigar

The owners of the Skansen Museum in Stockholm must have been worried that the Museums insurance didn’t cover 12ft cigars as they took out an extra policy to insure their world record-breaking exhibit containing a 110kg, 12ft long cigar.

Lost in the Loch

Loch Ness Monster

In 1971 Scottish Whiskey makers, Cutty Sark issued a challenge to anyone that was willing, “Find the Loch Ness Monster alive and we’ll give you a £1million reward”. After offering the prize Cutty Sark also took out insurance to help them pay out for the monster reward if Nessie did make an appearance.

Expensive Taste

Gene Simomns

In the late 70’s Mr Gene Simmons, the KISS bassist insured his tongue for $1million. This sounds like a huge amount for a tongue but it’s nothing compared to Gennaro Pelliccia Costa Coffee’s chief taster who’s tongue is insured for a mouth watering £10million.

What a Howler

Large crowd laughing

Back in the 1900s Lloyd’s of London issued a $1m policy that would pay out if any film-goers died from excessive laughter whilst viewing the latest comedy hit.

Sense of Humour Failure

Rich Hall

Staying on the subject of laughter American comedian Rich Hall, probably wins the prize for hardest claim to prove, having insured himself for $1 million just in case he loses his sense of humour.

Probing the Truth

Shirley MacLaine

It is also believed that actress Shirley Maclaine has insurance that will pay out an undisclosed sum in the event of suffering any losses caused in the event of an alien abduction. She is not alone with this insurance policy either Lloyd’s of London claim to have written over 20,000 policies for similar events if E.T ever comes knocking.

Being a Vampire....That Must Suck


But the monster policies don’t stop there Lloyd’s of London hints that over 60,000 policies have been issued to insure against being abducted by aliens or turned into a werewolf or a vampire. Clearly Twilight has a lot to answer for.

So if there is something that you are wishing to insure, be it:

  • a vintage or exotic car
  • a tractor
  • a commercial premise
  • a limousine
  • Or just something a little out of the ordinary

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