Do you need insurance for a cleaning business?

10 April 2019

Whether you’re a small, family run business, or you’re a large cleaning conglomerate, if you’re working with or for the general public, you’re going to need some sort of insurance cover. It’s important that your business’ equipment, your employees, as well as any third parties are covered in the event of a claim made against your business. Failing to adequately insure your cleaning business can mean claims made against you for something as simple as damaged furnishings can mean costly and unnecessary expense. Continue reading to find out more about your cleaning business and the wide-range of insurance policies on offer from Be Wiser business insurance.

Cleaning the kitchen floor

Are you a cleaning business in need of insurance?

Are you a cleaning company looking for the best business insurance to suit your day-to-day needs? Business insurance for cleaners is pretty similar to the types of insurance required for any other business who deals with the general public. The first insurance policy you’re required to possess is employers’ liability insurance. This is the insurance that covers both yourself and your employees in the event of an injury or claim made against your business while at work.

Employers Liability Insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, and failing to possess this insurance can mean fines or even prosecution. Employers Liability insurance will cover any medical bills or sick pay in relation to the incident, ensuring that you won’t have to pay from your own pocket if an unfortunate incident does occur.

Another important type of insurance to consider for your cleaning business is public liability insurance. Although not a legal requirement for businesses in the UK, it would certainly be wise to purchase this type of insurance. Public Liability Insurance protects you and your business against any claims made against you by a third-party. A third party is anyone not working for you. So, this will be anyone from the general public or other businesses working on the same site.

How can public liability insurance benefit my cleaning business?

You may think that because public liability insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, you’d be better off saving a few pennies and going without. But what happens if someone gets injured because of the job you’ve carried out, or you have accidentally damaged a property you’re working on? You may have never had an accident throughout your full career, but it only takes one incident to generate those huge expenses and compensation claims.

Public Liability Insurance will cover you against the threat of a claim made against your business by a third party. Let’s say you’re working in a domestic property and you have the job of cleaning their carpets. And let’s say you leave some chemical carpet cleaner out on the floor while you recover some equipment from the van, and a child somehow ingests the liquid.

The child would need to be taken to hospital via ambulance, then there’d be the medical bills as well as the compensation package that the family would expect. Although this was an accident, you would still be legally obligated to pay the costs for the damages. However, if you possess public liability insurance you will be covered against these claims, medical fees, compensation, damages, and repairs, as well as any legal expenses that incur when defending your case.

Are there any other types of insurance you need for your cleaning business?

Asides from employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance there are a few other types of insurance that would benefit your business. Does your cleaning business rely on the use of technical equipment to complete your day to day jobs and services? If it does, then why not consider purchasing some business equipment insurance that will cover you for your equipment in the event of theft or damages? Business equipment insurance is perfect for companies who use specialist, irreplaceable equipment, covering you for the use of your essential tools anywhere wherever you are. This is a particular good feature for businesses who have a lot of contracts abroad.

In conclusion

Hopefully this article has communicated some invaluable insights into the various insurance packages that a cleaning business should acquire. Whether it’s employers liability insurance, public liability insurance or you’re looking for some equipment cover, the value of possessing legal and adequate insurance cover for your cleaning business comes with so many benefits. Visit Be Wiser today to find out more about the types of business insurance to suit your business.