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Cafe & Coffee Shop Insurance

The backbone of every high street, cafés and coffee shops are a pit stop of tranquillity on a shopping trip, or perhaps your café is the builders favourite for a fry up and a good strong mug of tea before work? Either way on a daily basis you’ll have a wide range of customers passing through your business.

Whether you specialise in latte art or the perfect bacon sandwich, we will tailor your business insurance to the needs of your business. We provide a flexible range of cover and optional extras to ensure you have the coverage you need, and of course at the best price.

At Be Wiser Business Insurance we work with the leading insurers in the UK, comparing policies and quotes on your behalf. This way you get the best deal, all the coverage you need and all of the legwork is left to us so you can keep on keeping your customer's needs at the top of your priority list.

Your policy will be a single document covering every aspect of insurance you need from buildings cover, to public and liability insurance.

Cover Available:

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