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Carehome Insurance

When relatives are faced with the prospect of their loved ones moving into a Care Home amongst their first thoughts are;

Questions you no doubt are asked on a regular basis, but as an industry that has hit the headlines in the media in recent years you no doubt need to reassure potential clients that due to new legislation, The Care Act 2014, and regular Local Authority inspections your business fully complies.

Caring for your clients

Just as you provide a caring environment for your clients’ by recruiting and managing a team of medical professionals to meet their needs, our trained insurance advisors can take care of your business insurance requirements.

Professional advice every time

We understand the hazards you face on a daily basis such as manual handling by your carers. The fire evacuation processes, so that in the event of a fire on your premises all staff are aware of the part they play in evacuating the building and making sure that your clients’ safety and wellbeing are met.

Speaking to you about your business gives us the opportunity to assess the level of cover you require. We have a panel of over 30 insurers, this gives us the advantage when it comes to building a tailored package of cover for you – so you only pay for the insurance you need!

Our product range is extensive:

We care about you

So we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get in touch and speak to us, call us from your mobile on 0333 999 0802 or free from your landline on 0800 042 0401 – ‘how can we help you?’

If it’s a busy time and you can’t call us, you can use our ‘Call Back’ system and we will call you when it’s convenient for you.

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