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Charity Shop Insurance

There are estimated to be 10,000 Charity shops in the UK generating around £290m per year through the skills of more than 213,000 volunteers nationwide*.

The Charity Shop is a well-known face on the UK retail high street. The Charity Shops role is not just about raising money for a good cause, you are promoting the brand of your charity and also competing with other high street retailers to sell your products.

Selling donated items and bought in goods make you a serious competitor for other retailers. So despite your charitable status business insurance is a must have consideration you need to confront. Your customers, volunteers, stock and premises all need to be covered.

The charity you are working for maybe trading online as well as trading on the local high street either way you need to have the right package of business insurance in place so that you have covered your multitude of business risks.

Be Wiser can help you achieve this because we have access to a wide range of products that can be tailored to your specific needs at a price that is affordable.

Leaving you time to concentrate on the important charitable issues you face on a daily basis.

*Charity Retail Association

Do I need insurance as I’m a Charity?

Unequivocally the answer to this question is yes. At Be Wiser, we understand the needs of a “not for profit organisation”, staffed by unpaid volunteers, but facing the same risks as any other retail business.

The contents of your shop are still vulnerable to damage from Fire or Theft. Customers to your shop can still potentially slip, fall and injure themselves so it is a legal requirement that you arrange Employers Liability insurance for your paid staff and unpaid volunteers.

Organise events or provide a consultancy service?

If you arrange events away from your premises please check that your Public Liability policy provides the right cover. Your local authority may insist that you have a minimum level of cover.

If your charity provides a consultancy services, Professional Indemnity insurance is required and may well need to be arranged as a separate policy.

Another important consideration is Trustee Indemnity insurance.

Need further advice?

I need help from Be Wiser, how can I get an insurance quotation?

Our website can provide you with a quotation for the basic insurance covers and with the minimum of fuss. Our qualified advisors are pleased to discuss your individual requirements, especially if you have more complex needs.

Call us today.

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