Charity Shop Insurance

Over 11,000 charity shops are operating throughout the UK, generating over £270,000,000 for charities each year*.

A well-known face on high streets across the UK, as a charity shop your role is not only raising money for a good cause, but also advertising the brand of the charity your shop is working to raise money for. Alongside that you are also competing with rival retailers, whether standalone businesses, high street chains or rival charity shops.

Having the right level of business insurance cover is vital to your day to day operations as it will prevent financial issues in the event of something going wrong. Your staff, customers, stock and premises all need to be covered to prevent against financial loss.

The charity you are working for maybe trading online as well as trading on the local high street either way you need to have the right package of business insurance in place so that you have covered your multitude of business risks.

At Be Wiser business insurance we have extensive experience in providing insurance cover for charities. Working with the UK’s leading policymakers allows us to gather and compare quotes from many lenders, ensuring you get the policy you need, at the best possible price.

What Cover do I Need?

As a charity shop, you’ll be dealing day to day with staff whether paid or volunteers, the public coming into your shop, your stock, your premises. Some insurance will be mandatory and others optional but ideally your policy should cover these areas as a minimum.

Public Liability Insurance - An essential part of running a non-profit organisation is working with the public – after all, isn’t this is who you are raising the money for? Whether it is going door-to-door, assisting at fun runs, marathons or visiting schools and hospitals, volunteers and charity workers always work with the public sector.

However, there is always a risk that any charity works you do in the public can cause damage to a third party. For example, if you are organising a fundraising dinner and someone gets food poisoning, or an object falls and injuries a guest, the charity will be held liable. So, having public liability means that you can claim effectively to cover any injuries to third parties.

Professional Indemnity - In the event that your charity is responsible for giving advice to people over their health, living arrangements or business, you need to be covered for any eventuality. Professional indemnity refers to giving expert advice and prepares you in case your guidance has any negative effects. Despite your best intentions for someone’s wellbeing, there is always a chance that your advice causes them to be in a worse position. By adding PI cover to your business insurance policy, it can pay for any damages and compensation to the recipient.

Employer’s Liability Insurance - Charities are likely to have employees and volunteers working in several different locations such as marathons, supermarkets and on the road. It is therefore important to have cover for all these members of staff who might suffer injury whilst carrying out their duties. If an employee is required to do heavy lifting or commute for several hours, there is a risk of injury or being involved in an accident. Companies are therefore obligated to purchase this type of cover known as employer’s liability insurance as it can pay for any medical bills and compensation.

Property & Vehicle Insurance - It is important for charities to cover their premises and any equipment they have in the office. This can be broken down in to two areas: buildings insurance and content insurance. The buildings aspect is for the physical infrastructure of the office and contents is for any stock, equipment or valuables held in the premises. Your cover can protect your office and its goods from theft, fire, flood and vandalism and means any fittings and items can be repaired and replaced by your insurer.

Some charities are well-known for their quirky vehicles. With some spending a lot of time on the road going to events and fundraising from door-to-door, it is compulsory to have at least third-party insurance for any bikes, vans or cars you use. If you have multiple vehicles, a fleet insurance policy could save you even more money.

For more information, you can read the Government’s guides on charities and insurance.


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