Commercial Combined Insurance

Commercial combined insurance is able to ‘combine’ different aspects of a business insurance policy to find the ultimate insurance package to suit your needs. This approach considers that all businesses are different and therefore a one-size-fits-all policy cannot deal with the complexities and bespoke needs of the organisation. For instance, two factories that manufacturer clothing might have very different materials and equipment and therefore a more bespoke policy is required.

Being able to use different types of cover and combining them into one is only available through UK brokers, like Be Wiser. We work with a number of leading insurance providers and by reviewing all the different deals and policies available, we are able to find the most effective and competitive cover for your business.

Preferred Trade Sectors

Builders Merchants
Paving Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Plumbers Merchants

Carpet & Rug Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Clothing Accessories Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Footwear and Shoe Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Office Equipment Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Domestic Brown Goods Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Domestic White Goods Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Hardware & Ironmongery Warehousing
Metal Working Machinery Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Metalworker - Precision

Tea Merchants
Coffee Warehouse
Dairy Products Wholesalers

Glass Merchants
Double Glazing Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Mirror Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Bowling Clubs
Tennis Clubs

Lithographic Printers
Silk Screen Printers
Greeting Card Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Cycle Wholesalers
Sports Equipment Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Golf Equipment Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Bathroom Furniture Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Wooden Finished Goods Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Carpenters & Joiners Workshop

Key Selling Points

  • Over 1000 acceptable trades, all auto-rated without referral
  • No claims discount available at new business and renewal
  • Minimum premiums from £475 + IPT
  • Straight forward online question sets, no auto-survey requirement
  • Both Buildings and Contents cover available up to £5m per location


  • Wording designed specifically for Manufacturers and Wholesalers with numerous policy extensions
  • High sum insured limits available
  • Generous inner limits
  • Computer Breakdown and Engineering covers
  • Free format Business Description field (subject to referral)
  • Free 24-hour advice lines for health and medical assistance, legal advice and business emergency assistance

Liability Insurance

A key aspect of any business policy is adding liability cover. This assumes that when carrying out your business activity, you have a duty of care and responsibility to protect those around you including customers, passers-by, employees and the local area.

However, should any of your work cause any damage or issues with those outside of your organisation, you could find your business in hot water and facing legal action. For example, if you run a factory and the excess waste is polluting the local areas, you may face a huge legal battle. If you are not at fault and are following regulation and best practices, you will be able to claim any legal fees and compensation through your insurance provider, so you will not worse off financially.

An important feature of any commercial insurance policy is looking after employees. This is a legal requirement by the UK government and means that you need sufficient cover and procedures in place to protect any employees that might get injured or suffer health issues in the workplace. If your business involves retail or manufacturing, you have to consider that staff members may be prone to long hours, heavy lifting and exposure to chemicals. In the event that an employee is injured on the job or suffers bad side-effects, your employers liability insurance is essential to pay for any medical fees, sick pay and compensation.

For any products you sell, you have to be prepared for any defects and how this could be harmful to the customer. If you are producing thousands of units every day, there is always the risk that one of your products could be faulty and if this impacts the customer’s wellbeing, you could face legal charges. By having cover in place, you can claim for any defects and the legal fees and compensation that could potentially come with them.

Money Cover

By applying for a combined commercial insurance policy, you can add things like money cover. This insures you for any physical cash that is lost or stolen. If you have a store which keeps a lot of money in the till, it is always at risk of being stolen by a thief or employees. There is also cover for money in transit, which is being transported from one place to another and is common for large companies, chains and banks. Provided that you have a clear record of the money, you can have this reimbursed by your insurer in the event that it is lost or stolen.

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