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Commercial Insurance

We offer specialist commercial insurance that is tailored to your business needs. Working with some of the leading insurers in the UK, we can provide quotes for all types of industries including retail, food, agriculture, financial services and more.

Whether your company has a large or small turnover, we understand how important it is to protect your business, products and employees which is why we are pleased to offer a bespoke policy that suits your requirements. Simply call us today on 0333 999 0802 to speak to one of our friendly customer advisors.

What is Commercial Insurance?

An individual or business is able to take out insurance in order to protect its business interests from standard insurance losses. There is no ‘one size fits all’ commercial insurance policy, but instead, a number of extensions that can be added for each company such as:

Source: Financial Ombudsman

In the event that something in your business goes wrong, having the right level of insurance means that you will be able to make a claim and receive compensation for potential loss and damages. Rather than paying for all the costs out of your own pocket and having your business interrupted, your insurance policy can help get your finances and business back on its feet, and continue trading as usual.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If your business has anything to do with cars, taxis, buses, lorries, truck and vans, commercial vehicle insurance will be for you.

Whether you are transporting goods or individuals, there are several things that might not go to plan – including damages to your vehicle, passengers or theft of your goods.

However, with insurance in place, you can cover any goods in transit so that they can be replaced or refunded immediately if broken or stolen. Similarly, if you carry any equipment or tools with you as part of your business, you can get these insured too, so they can be replaced very quickly or you can receive reimbursement for any lost revenue.

If your vehicle is in an accident that was not your fault, commercial car insurance can pay for any repairs or replacements and even give you a courtesy vehicle whilst it is being fixed. This is ideal for taxi drivers, van drivers and couriers.

Best of all, if you have a number of vehicles under your policy, you can apply for multi car or fleet insurance and receive a discount for every extra vehicle and person you insure. Simple.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

If your business activity has a negative impact on another party, they may deem you ‘liable’ and responsible to pay for any damages such as legal fees, compensation, medical bills and more. There are several different types of commercial liability insurance including:

Public: This occurs if any member of the public is negatively affected by your business activity and wishes to sue for damages. For instance, a customer is injured on your premises or if pollution produced by your company causes illness to local residents.

To protect your business from harming the public and all the potential costs you could incur, companies can take out public liability insurance for up to £10 million.

Product: If your business is involved with selling or manufacturing products, you can purchase insurance to cover yourself for any defected items that cause harm to a customer or member of public.

Employer’s: This is the only form of liability that is a legal requirement and requires you to obtain insurance to protect your own employees. So if your staff have an accident at work or suffer physical or mental strain due to their tasks and wish to take legal action, your insurance will be able to provide compensation. You are not required to get this type of cover if you are the only individual in the business or employ family members only.

Property Insurance

If you look after a property or have purchased one, you can take out commercial property insurance to protect your investment.

For those that own an office space, your policy can pay for any damages to the fittings or physical structure of the building. You can also be covered for any damages to the machinery and equipment that is kept inside and protect your items from vandalism and theft.

Landlords insurance is essential for those that have bought a property and are renting it out. You can safeguard the physical structure from vandalism, fire, flood and theft in the event that any of your contents are stolen. If your tenants fail to pay you rent or perhaps are not willing to pay because of the state of your property, your ‘loss of rent insurance’ can pay you for any lost income.

Get a Quote Today From Be Wiser

Whilst commercial insurance is not a legal requirement unless it is for employees, it is important to have the right level of cover in place to protect your livelihood and give you peace of mind.

At Be Wiser, we will put together a policy specifically for your enterprise so you will get the perfect level of cover you need and won’t have to pay for anything extra. Instead of applying with just one insurer, we work with several providers so that we have access to the best prices and policies on the market. Call us today or get a quote here.

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