Dry Cleaning Insurance

As an industry, Dry Cleaning is fraught with hazards; machinery, solvents, fire risk not to mention the possibility of damage or loss of your customers’ property!

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have raised the key issues that affect your business, so as a responsible business owner you understand how important it is to provide a safe, clean environment that is inviting for your customers. Providing expertise and customer advice - ‘to dry clean or not to, that is the question’ is all part of your knowledge and customer service.

Whilst you are juggling the HSE requirements with the need to provide a high level of service to your customers there is of course the need to have the relevant business insurance cover. Knowing what you need and what cover you should have are areas where we can advise you.

We’ve tried to make the process of buying business insurance as easy as possible for you, whether you choose to quote and buy online or if you need to discuss your requirements with an insurance professional. As a Broker we have a range of insurers that can deliver the right business cover and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Are you thinking of upgrading your machinery?

Of course arranging the correct insurance for your dry cleaning shop is of paramount importance. No business stands still and as you grow and develop, your insurance policy should be reviewed as well.

If you choose to upgrade your equipment and machinery, you should always make sure that your contents sum insured remains adequate. If you fail to insure for the correct amount and you have a claim, the insurers may well proportionately reduce your claims settlement (the insurance companies call this “Average”). If you are unfortunate enough to have a total loss then the amount the insurers will pay will not be enough to replace the damaged items.

With upgraded equipment it’s very likely that you expect your Turnover to increase as well. It is therefore just as important to check the adequacy of your Business Interruption insurance cover. Don’t forget to consider the length of time that it may take to repair or replace the equipment and ultimately get back to the level of Turnover you would have had, had the damage not occurred.

What should I do next?

If you arranging your dry cleaners insurance for the first time or have an existing insurance policy that is due for renewal in the next few weeks, obtain a quotation online or speak to us today and let us help you keep your business reputation spotless.