Freelancer Insurance

Being a freelancer is a fantastic way to work with lots of different clients, work on various projects and visit new locations everyday. As you own boss, you can choose the hours you work for and which clients you deal with – so it is no surprise that there almost 5 million freelancers working in the UK. (Source: The Telegraph)

However, it is important to have insurance because it could be very costly if something goes wrong and you are caught up in a legal battle. Similarly, being a freelancer suggests that you have specific skills and using different equipment or providing expertise can potentially lead to financial losses or damages to the client or a member of public. As you do not have a regular income, having insurance in place is important to protect your freelancing business and salary.

Whether you freelance in property, finance, construction, marketing, media or medicine, we have insurance for freelancers for hundreds of professions. Be Wiser works with a number of top insurance providers in the UK and as an independent broker, we can search the market and find the best policy for you.

By calling us on 0333 999 0802, one of our qualified team members will ask a few questions about the freelancing you do and provide you with a competitive quote today. We are always looking for new deals and discounts available so that we can give you the most cover at the best price.

In addition, if your company hires freelancers on a regular basis, we can offer insurance for this too and you can simply put them under your employer’s liability policy. So in the event that your freelancer does not have insurance and causes damage or injury to a client or member of the public, you will have cover in place.

What Freelancer Insurance Cover Is Available?

Your policy will entitle you to thousands or millions of pounds worth of cover and how much you require will depend on the size of your business i.e whether you are an individual freelancer or work with others and also the type of business that you do. For instance, working in an office may present less risk than someone with a lot of equipment working in the field.

Public Liability

This type of cover offers protection in the event that your business activity injures or causes damage to another individual or member of public. As a freelancer going into a client’s office, this could involve accidently damaging a piece of machinery or dropping something heavy on a colleague or member of the public.

As a freelancer, you could be working in different surroundings and possibly coming into contact with a lot of people e.g working as a cameraman or photographer.

But in the event that a passerby is injured, they may wish to sue you compensation due to incurring medical bills and taking time off work. By having public liability insurance, your policy can pay for any legal fees and compensation towards the victim so you are not financially worse off.

Professional Indemnity

Freelancers may offer their expertise or advice, which the client relies upon to achieve business goals. Despite your best intentions, it is possible that your advice has adverse effects on the company and causes them to experience finance losses as a result. This is typical for accountants, investments and legal advice.

Since the client trusted your advice, they may wish to claim compensation from you in the form of lost revenue. You may also experience clients that are merely dissatisfied with your advice and wish to take legal action although they have no valid claim.

By having cover in place, you receive financial protection for any future lawsuits and compensation for loss of income or business interruption. In fact, some companies require proof of professional indemnity insurance prior to working with them so it is worth having for this reason.

Contents and Equipment Cover

As a freelancer, you may have very specialist equipment for carrying out your job, whether it’s a basic laptop, camera, sound equipment, design equipment or you have a number of items in your home office.

We can add contents and equipment cover into your insurance policy to go along with your public liability or professional indemnity – and having them all under the same policy will allow you to save money and have to less admin to do.

So in the event that one of your vital pieces of equipment is damaged on the job or by accident, your insurance will help you pay for any repairs or replacements to ensure you are not out of pocket and can continue doing your work.

Business Interruption

In the event that your equipment is damaged and getting replaced or perhaps you have fallen ill, you may not be able to work and earn an income. To overcome this, you can apply for business interruption insurance so even if you have to stop work for some reason, your insurance will still provide you with compensation.

Your policy will have a number of different terms that fall under business interruption and if applicable, you will be able to make a claim.