Goods in Transit

The definition of ‘Goods in Transit’ insures goods that are transported by a Van, Motorcycle Courier or Heavy Goods Vehicle as part of your business activities. The cover provided protects against theft or damage whilst the goods are your vehicle (you should always check the details of your policy).

What does Goods in Transit cover include?

There are two types of cover you should consider if you are using your vehicle(s) to transport goods:

  • Carriage of own goods – This cover is appropriate for anyone who carries their work tools in their vehicle to and from work.
  • Haulage – If you are transporting goods for customers’ this cover is necessary.

Can Be Wiser Business cover my tools?

For most sole traders and small trade businesses, tools are crucial. Once lost, damaged or stolen the effect on the individual or business can be detrimental. Having an effective insurance policy in place can save you time, keep your cash flow positive and reduce the stress of losing your tools. From hand tools to plant equipment, we can accommodate your needs by adding tool cover to your Be Wiser Business Insurance policy.

As a Van or Motorcycle Courier - 4 important things to remember

  1. If you are transporting goods for a client they will expect you to have some form of insurance.
  2. Without this you will have to bear the financial responsibility if the goods are lost, stolen or destroyed.
  3. Finding work without any cover could be difficult to secure.
  4. Depending on the products and value of the goods being transported will determine how important your requirement is for insurance.