Haulage Insurance

At Be Wiser, we compare haulage insurance policies from a range of leading providers to find you the right level of cover at the right price. Whether you're an owner-operator, or own a sizeable fleet, finding affordable insurance that covers all your requirements can be both challenging and time consuming, but fortunately Be Wiser is here to help. We are able to insure you and your vehicle to carry the following:

  • Light goods under 3.5 tonnes
  • Heavy goods over 7.5 tonnes
  • Cattle and livestock
  • Bulk liquids, gases and chemicals
  • Storage

We understand how important it is to keep you and your business moving and as motor insurance specialists, we are able to select from a large range of HGV and Haulage schemes to find you the best deals. We offer insurance for all vehicle types, plus a range of additional covers, so our experienced advisors will build a policy to suit the precise needs of your business.So why not give us a call now on 0333 999 0802 for a no-obligation quote?

What is the difference between a courier and a hauler?

There is an ongoing debate as to whether an individual or company that transports goods is a courier or a hauler. Generally speaking, couriers are accustomed to making multiple drop-offs during the day whereas haulers will typically drive a long way to deliver a single load. Therefore, insurers will carefully consider your premium based on your mileage, distance covered and number of drop-offs.

On the one hand, making several drop-offs a day could increase the risk of being involved in an accident if you have to rush around unknown roads and meet delivery deadlines. On the other hand, doing long-haul driving can also present risks as tiredness can set in and make you prone to accidents. Nevertheless, we will always work hard to find the most affordable policy for you. This includes using no claims bonuses, increasing security features on your vehicles, adding protection to the goods you carry and also using fleet insurance to insure multiple vehicles at a discounted rate.

Haulage insurance for more than 3.5 tonnes

If your delivery vehicle weighs more than 3.5 tonnes you will need HGV insurance. Other vehicles weighing less than this, such as vans, are classified as light goods vehicles (LGVs).

Haulage insurance is split into two broad groups policies for those who need lorry insurance under 7.5 tonnes and policies for those who drive over 7.5 tonnes. We provide cover for all kinds of vehicles and weight restrictions, so this will be one of the first things we ask when putting together a quote for you.

What cover can you add to your haulage insurance?

Vehicle owners have the choice of basic third party cover up to a fully comprehensive policy. Third party is the minimum cover that allows you to drive legally on UK roads and only covers other vehicles, pedestrians and property that you come into contact with, but not your own vehicle. This can be upgraded to include fire, flood and theft for a little extra cover. To insure any damages to your own vehicle, you will need to apply for a fully comprehensive policy and this is similar in price to third party so it is worth discussing with your insurer.

Basic cover does not include any insurance for the goods you are carrying and for your business this can be absolutely crucial. Specific goods in transit insurance is required for anything that you want to transport and by having this cover in place, it means that you are insured for any damages to the goods you carry or if they are lost or stolen. Other cover includes:

Hauler’s liability: Anyone that is hauling goods on behalf of another person or entity is responsible for the goods entrusted to him, as per the Carriers Act of 1830. Therefore, in the event of any items being lost, broken or stolen, it is important that the company has cover to fix or replace these for the customer.

Employers' liability: With haulage companies having different drivers on the road, there is always the risk of an employee being involved in a road accident or injured if they do long haul driving or need to lift heavy goods. UK companies have a legal obligation to make sure that they have insurance for all employees or face a daily fine of £2,500. This cover will pay for any medical bills, loss of income and compensation to a member of staff who has been affected by their work activity.

Public liability: With your haulers regularly coming into contact with members of the public, such as driving on busy roads, it is important to have protection in case your business activity affects another car, driver or individual. For example, if some of the goods you are transporting fall off your vehicle and damage another car and the driver, you will be held liable for any damages. So having public liability cover enables you to defend any allegations from a third party and contribute towards any compensation claims, legal fees and more.

Legal Assistance: If you have to face a legal battle with a client over broken goods, lost items or late deliveries, your legal assistance can pay towards any solicitor’s fees, compensation and time off work.

Contracts for carrying someone else’s goods

If you transport your customer’s goods under certain contract conditions such as RHA or CMR conditions of carriage, your insurance cover will be limited to a certain weight. So if you operate under the current standard RHA conditions your liability for each customer is £1,300 per ton (higher limits are available) and that will be the level of cover regardless of the actual value of the goods carried.

Contracts for carrying goods abroad

Different laws apply for carrying goods abroad. You are required to have V5C documents to haul goods outside of the UK and you may be required to provide a green card at the border. If you are going to be hauling goods abroad for more than 12 months, you must notify the DVLA. If your vehicle is hired or leased, you can apply for a Vehicle on Hire Certificate which is valid for one year. For more information, read the Government’s guide for international road haulage.

At Be Wiser, we are able to provide cover to transport goods in Europe. So in the event that anything happens to your vehicle or your goods are broken, lost or stolen in transit, we can provide protection if you are driving in the EU or participating countries. For a policy tailored to your business needs, do not hesitate and call us today on 0333 999 0802.