Health Centre Insurance

Working in your local community can be very rewarding however this does come with a variety of risks to employees and members of the public. Having Employee and Public Liability cover protects both your staff and patients who are visiting the Health Centre.

Storing and accessing patient records are a vital part of the job. So too is keeping valuable stock and equipment on your premises – having the right protection in place to cover your stock and any potential computer breakdown makes sense. We can help you safeguard the smooth running of your business.

As with any commercial premise, having buildings and contents insurance is the smart thing to have. If you are renting the property we can still help you to protect your premises and contents.

Keeping you safe

Whilst you are caring for others is our concern. Whether you are a new business or not we have the skills and expertise to provide you with an excellent package of cover. By providing you with a bundle of insurance cover we could save you money and offer you a more comprehensive insurance package.

Contacting Us

That’s easy, you won’t need to book an appointment – you can call us from your mobile on 0333 999 0802 or free from your landline on 0800 042 0401. Our business insurance advisors can talk you through any scenario and answer any questions you may have so you get the cover your business needs.

Maybe you would rather get an online quote for your business, no problem. Once we have your information we can run your details by our panel of over 30 insurers before delivering your quotation.