Limo Insurance

A limousine is the ultimate luxury, high-end vehicle and with this privilege comes the need for high quality insurance cover. As expensive vehicles and used for several purposes, you need an insurance policy that can accommodate every kind of situation. Whether it a Mercedes, Hummer or Stretch limo, our policies are catered to suit your needs. We offer limousine insurance for the following purposes:

  • Weddings/funerals
  • Events/shows
  • Shows
  • TV/Films
  • Chauffeurs
  • Business purposes

We understand that limousines can be more prone to accidents due to their size - and driving on normal UK roads and parking is not so straightforward. If your limo is used for a special event such as a wedding, show or business purpose, the last thing you need is for your vehicle to have any dents or scratches on it and for it to lose that special appearance in front of clients. But having specialist limo insurance means that you have the necessary cover to get and repairs and replacements fixed immediately so you can be on the road and turning heads in no-time.

Call us today for a free and no obligation quote on 0333 999 0802 or request a call back. Our first class service means that our team will search through the different rates and policies offered by our insurance partners to find the best deal possible.

Insurance for limousine business and chauffeurs

If you run a limousine company, we can provide different extensions and levels of cover for you. We can provide chauffeur insurance for individuals that own just one limousine and want to cover themselves, the vehicle and their customers. Or if you have several limos, we can also provide fleet insurance policies for multiple vehicles and you will also receive a discount for every extra one that you insure.

Our policies extend to all kinds of luxury vehicles including American limousines with left hand drives and also classic models. The extensions we offer for our policies include:

Any driver – If your company has several drivers, it makes sense to add an ‘any driver’ extension. This means that any of your employees are insured to use any of the vehicles which is very practical if they have different shifts and schedules. Also, if one of the cars is being repaired or no longer in use, it means that the driver can simply use another. It allows your business to have flexibility and means that you can get your drivers on the road as much as possible.

Public liability – This protects your company from any claims from individuals or properties that is damaged as a result of your business activity. If a serious accident occurs, it leaves your business and drivers exposed to a large liability claim and potential lawsuit. Especially if you are transporting a celebrity, diplomat or other important person, you cannot risk being without public liability cover. Limos have an increased risk due to their length and one has to be aware of damaging street property and other vehicles. Companies can choose between £1 million and £10 million worth of cover depending on the size of their business.

Employers liability – By owning a company, you have a legal responsibility to have employer’s liability cover to protect your staff members. Unless they are yourself or family members, you are required to insure any employee against injuries and damages. For chauffeurs, this may include being involved in a car accident or suffering physical health conditions due to long periods of driving.

The EU has a legal number of hours you can drive, but if you go beyond these hours or offer poor working conditions, your employers may demand compensation for medical bills, loss of income and damages.

Agreed value cover – This is where you agree the value of your vehicle with your insurer before the policy kicks in. Several limousines might be valuable and worth more over time due to being special models or classic vehicles. As a result, you may want to ‘agree the value’ so that if you need to claim, you get the necessary amount to pay for repairs and replacements and not any less.

Shows/events – If your vehicle is on show for specific events, you can get an extension on your policy for the duration and also cover any damages that might occur during the transportation of your vehicle.

Limo hire insurance

If you hire out your limousines to other individuals and drivers, you can get private hire insurance specifically for that purpose. This will allow you to cover any potential damages to the vehicle and any claims that might come about. If you rent out your cars for special events, we can also offer temporary policies for a certain number of days, weeks or months to save you money.

Useful information

The cost of your premium will be based on several factors including the type of model that you drive. Older vehicles tend to carry more risk of being involved in an accident as they may be less efficient due to wear and tear. The size of the vehicle’s engine is crucial as faster vehicles tend to be more risk-prone. For instance, a Hummer is a more powerful and high performance vehicle than a Ford Limo and so the insurance premium will be higher to reflect this.

The use of the limousine is also relevant when assessing the cost of the policy. The higher the risk of being involved in an accident, the more you pay for insurance. So if your car is used for heavy mileage on busy roads in dense and populated areas, this will likely cause your price to increase compared to a funeral car which is only used occasionally and drives very slowly.

To get the best rates possible, our team at Be Wiser will compare the different options for you so that you can save money. Our experienced staff will also recommend other things you can do such as using a no claims bonus and encouraging you to use experienced drivers that are over 25. In addition, we recommend adding safety features to your limousines where possible such as GPS and immobilizers and above all, keeping them locked up in a garage when not in use.