Locksmith's Insurance

There are several aspects of liability cover such as tool cover, auto opening cover, insuring your commercial vehicle and much more that you may want to consider and include in your ultimate insurance bundle. With the exception of Employers liability if you have staff.

Liability cover is a very important consideration for you or any staff you employ, having the potential to cause damage to your premises as well as those of any customers’ property, belongings or personal injury.

An additional aspect of being a Locksmith is that you should give some serious thought to the fact that you are often responsible for securing your customers’ premises. In the unlikely event that the standard of your work or products you have supplied are proven to be inadequate or at fault, or a break in occurs at a customers’ premises or private dwelling not all insurances can offer cover for this.

Public liability insurance is important for all trades, in case someone is injured or killed, or their property is damaged because of the work you are doing. Be Wiser’s panel of insurers offer you between £1 million and £5 million in cover, to protect you against this cost.

Could your Professional advice be in question?

It’s not only your workmanship that could be questioned. Any professional advice you give or if you fail to deliver something to your customer could lead to a claim against you if it’s proven to be your responsibility.

Your risks are just like those of any other business ranging from the banal to the traumatic. By speaking to an insurance professional from the start is the best way to be completely satisfied you have the right insurance cover.