Mobile Catering Van Insurance

If you run a mobile catering business and sell food out of a van, it is important to have insurance to protect your livelihood. Every vehicle is likely to be valuable because it’s a van with equipment and stock too and having a policy from Be Wiser means that you can be protected for any situation. So whether you are a van trader, street food vendor or run a hot food trailer – we can find the perfect cover for you.

Be Wiser Business offers a variety of vehicle and liability insurance and we amend each policy to suit your own special requirements. We do not believe in a one size fits all, but instead we find out exactly what you need and make sure you are paying for the right amount of cover and nothing extra.

Be Wiser Business offers mobile catering insurance for the following foods and many more:

  • Baked Potato
  • Burgers
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Crepes
  • Fish & Chips
  • Hot dogs
  • Sandwiches
  • Street food

Insurance for mobile catering

Mobile caterers will be accustomed to driving around whether it’s going to different roads, parks, festivals or football matches. Customers can choose between:

  • Third party only (the minimum legal requirement)
  • Third party, fire, flood and theft
  • Fully comprehensive

A fully comprehensive policy means that you will be insured for any damages, repairs and replacements to your vehicle and other third parties. Although this is the most cover you can get, it is sometimes the cheapest as insurers have realized that people opt for third party as a minimum – but to reduce risk, insurers tend to offer third party only and comprehensive cover for a similar price. Your fully comp policy includes the following:

Theft – Your insurance can provide compensation or replacements if your mobile van, the machines or stock is stolen. This will avoid any downtime for your business so that you can continue trading and generating revenue. Depending on your policy and insurer, you may be able to receive a replacement vehicle or new van.

Vandalism – If any aspect of your van is vandalised and therefore you cannot run your business, your insurance policy can pay for any renovations or repairs. Rather than paying hundreds or thousands of pounds out of your own pocket, your cover will reimburse you so that you can get your mobile business back on track.

Repairs and replacements – If you are involved in a road accident, the damage caused may restrict you from carrying out your business activity. Your vehicle insurance will therefore be able to pay for any repairs and replacements to get the vehicle up and running again. You can also claim for any personal injuries, which might have occurred during the accident, and any loss of revenue if you cannot work for a long period of time.

Fire, flood and other peril – Running a food van may lead to malfunctions and could potentially cause flooding or a fire to your vehicle and to others around you. As part of your policy, the insurance will pay for any repairs or replacements to the vehicle and machinery.

Stock – Covering your inventory will be an extra addition to your policy. You are bound to have lots of drinks, food and ingredients in your van – but this is always at risk of being stolen or damaged in an accident or fire. As part of your cover, you can make sure that all your stock is accounted for. So if it is ever ruined, your insurance provider can simply reimburse you for all items.

Liability insurance for mobile catering

Since your food business will be coming into contact with other members of the public, you will need to have liability insurance. This considers that if an individual or company gets injured or damaged as a result of your business activity, they will hold you ‘liable’ and potentially demand compensation.

Public liability – This refers to dealing with the general public and by running a mobile catering business, you always going to be driving on the roads and providing food to different people. Since catering vans can be quite large, there is always a chance that you might damage another vehicle or property. If the owner holds you responsible, they will ask for compensation.

On a more drastic scale, your van could catch light or cause flooding to another building or vehicle. So your insurance offers protection for potential lawsuits, compensation claims, medical fees and more.

Employer’s liability – If you hire employees to drive or work on your catering vans, you are required by law to have employers liability cover. In case they are physically injured or damaged on the job, they have the right to demand compensation, which can be used to pay for days off work, medical bills or permanent damage. For example, an employee could get burnt using a faulty cooker or have a bad fall whilst working in the van.

You are not required to purchase employers liability if you hire family members or just work on your own.

Product liability – Since you are providing a physical product to the public (i.e food and drink), your product liability will cover you for any defects. For instance, if your food caused a severe allergic reaction or food poisoning and the victim found you liable, they could request compensation. Your insurance will pay for any legal fees, medical bills and settlements to the individual – rather than costing you thousands of pounds.

Mobile catering insurance under one single policy

With several types of cover applicable to your business, Be Wiser is able to put everything mentioned under one single policy. There is no need for lots of paperwork and trying to manage different policies, we provide one set of documents and one payment each year to make everything easier. If you prefer, you can pay for all your business insurance on a monthly basis too.

You can request a quote online or call us today on 0333 999 0802 and you will be put through directly to one of our experienced advisors.

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