Newsagents Insurance

Many traditional High Streets across the country are suffering from a decline due to changes in technology, consumer buying habits and not forgetting competition from supermarkets and garages.

Your Newsagents Shop is probably open long hours and now sells a range of products and services like lottery tickets, travel cards, mobile phone top ups that didn’t even exist 20 years ago and you might even have a cash point machine.

For independent retailers in the UK having a profitable business is all about keeping up with developments and consumer trends. Your customers buying habits have changed over the years and are now buying more products like magazines and newspapers online or viewing them via their smart phones.

This all has an impact on your sales. Your secret weapon is all about your excellent customer service and going that extra mile for your customers making your newsagents business the front page news!

You quite easily become the centre for your local community, not only delivering their newspapers but also providing a friendly reliable ‘face’ to your customers. This all brings responsibility, not forgetting the range of business insurance you need to keep trading.

That’s where we at Be Wiser can help you. We can give you professional advice and a business insurance quote from one of our UK insurers.