Office Insurance

If you run your own business or are just starting up, you’ll understand the importance of protecting your business against physical and financial risk. Be it risk that your business poses to the public or the risk of damage to your business premises and contents, an Office Insurance policy from Be Wiser will ensure you can carry on working with minimal interruption.

We search our carefully selected panel of insurers to ensure you not only get an insurance policy from an award winning insurance provider but you’ll also get it for a competitive price.

There are a number of reasons to purchase insurance for your business, some can be due to UK law requirements whilst others are simply good financial sense. When it comes to insuring your office there are three main areas to concentrate on.

Insuring your property

Whether you are working from home or in a rented office, it’s important to protect the physical stuff. Be it bricks and mortar or office contents and computers, we can build a policy to fit your needs.

Our customisable cover allows you to extend the policy to cover more than one property, computing equipment away from the premises and other fixtures and fittings. We can even include Computer breakdown and money cover if required.

Insuring your people

If you have any employees you’ll need an Employers’ Liability policy. If you don’t have this cover you could face a daily fine of up to £2500. Essentially an Employers’ Liability policy will help you pay any compensation due to your employees should they get injured or fall sick as a result of your business activity.

Alongside your liability to anyone who works for you, you may also wish to purchase a Directors and Officers Liability insurance. This cover helps protect key people within the business who become personally liable for any wrong doing in the business operation.

Should you or one of your directors be accused of wrong doing, the policy will cover the legal costs in defending the allegation – it’s important to note that no insurance policy will cover the fine or prevent the director from a custodial sentence.

Insuring your business

Finally there is the issue of insuring your business activities. There are a number of different insurance covers available but the main two are Business Interruption and Professional Indemnity insurance.

Business Interruption insurance which will, in the event of damage at your premises, pay for the cost of getting you back to work as quickly as possible and in many cases compensate you for any lost income.

Professional Indemnity insurance may well be a requirement of membership of your professional body but regardless of this the policy covers the legal costs incurred in defending an allegation that a client has suffered financially from the advice that you have provided.

With Be Wiser Business Insurance you can rest assured that your business is fully protected with an Office Insurance policy