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Optometrist Insurance

As an Optician there are a number of insurance risks you face before you even treat a patient. This is primarily due to the level of stock and equipment you have to keep on your premises. From frames, glasses, lens cleaner, contact lenses to eye testing equipment, computers and furniture.

We can help protect your business from these and other risks by providing a range of liability covers such as; Accidental Damage, Public Liability, Buildings and Contents protecting your valuable equipment and stock. Not forgetting the protection required for your staff in providing Employer’s Liability.

Why leave your business open to risk?

What is a time consuming job for you, searching the market and comparing products and types of insurance cover, as Insurance professionals we are able to do this in half the time.

We are aware of the risks your profession faces and once we have discussed your business in more detail we have access to a panel of over 30 insurers who can offer a wide range of commercial cover.

Not only your business but your professional reputation too!

Professional Indemnity cover is a must for a medical professional like you when you are making and taking decisions that affect a person’s precious sight. Should the worst happen and a claim is made.

Why pay for insurance your business doesn’t need?

You don’t have to because our advisors can recommend the right level of cover your business needs. By packaging a range of products we can put the ‘ticks in all the right boxes’.

We’d like to help you

You can contact our business insurance team from your mobile on 0333 999 0802 or 0800 042 0401 from your landline. There’s no test, just a conversation and not an Ophthalmoscope in sight!

Or would you prefer to go online and get your own quote from our website, that’s fine, but don’t forget we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Cover Available:

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