Pet Shop Insurance

There is more to being a responsible Pet Shop owner than selling pet food, pet toys or cute kittens. You are providing a professional service to pet lovers and pet owners who expect you to have a wealth of knowledge and expertise about all things pet related. From dog grooming to what diet food you would recommend for a mature, male Siamese cat, could be some of the questions your customers want to quiz you over?

For pet shop business owners, buying a Pet Shop licence and abiding by the Pet Animals Act 1951 are just some of the regulations that stand in your way as a Pet Shop owner. As a small business you will also need to have the necessary Pet Shop insurance to make sure your premises, varied stock as well as your staff and customers are protected at all times.

Depending on the pet shop supplies you require you will also need to take into consideration the necessary cover with your pet supplier when they are transporting goods to you.

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