Plumber's Insurance

Running a plumbing business could be described as the 5th emergency service behind Police, Ambulance, Fire Service and Car Breakdown Service; in fact you may operate an emergency repairs service too. As a small business your skills are in demand from fitting domestic appliances to installing and maintaining heating systems.

Taking the good with the bad in your line of work goes without saying, so being able to arrange your work around your lifestyle is a positive, as is meeting a variety of people in different environments. On the other hand dealing with stressful situations like water pouring through a ceiling, dangerous chemicals and not to mention raw sewage are all circumstances you can find yourself facing.

Knowing you have the right business insurance and business indemnity insurance in place gives you the support and confidence to deal with any situation your customers’ find themselves in.

Question is do you have the right cover in place?

By speaking to an insurance professional at Be Wiser we can run through just what your business needs, creating a personalised package of insurance cover for you.