Takeaway Insurance

From Pizza to Pad Thai, Doner to Dhansak, Be Wiser caters for all of your takeaway needs.

Whether you run the village chippy, chicken shop or Chinese takeaway, we understand how demanding it can be to serve a community. However, keeping so many people fed is not without its' risks, so it is essential that your business and your livelihood are protected.

From small independent takeaways, to large restaurant chains Be Wiser always listens to its' client's needs and will recommend cover to suit the individual requirements of each business.

From buildings to business interruption, we offer a range of takeaway insurance covers from a number of leading insurance providers. Our experienced advisors are on hand to take the hassle out of finding great insurance cover that will keep you and your business running smoothly. So why not give us a call now for a no-obligation quote?

Takeaway Insurance – What Cover Is Available?

  • Buildings Insurance
  • Equipment & Stock
  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Business Interruption
  • Employers' Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Legal Assistance

At Be Wiser, we are dedicated to finding the right cover for your business. You have the option to add any of these covers below to your policy at any time. Instead of opening a new account for each one, they can all be put under your one business insurance policy to save your time and hassle.

Buildings Insurance: As the owner of a restaurant or kitchen, you need to protect your premises from any disasters such as vandalism, fires or floods. The buildings cover allows you to make a claim for any major damages to the physical fixtures and fittings of your takeaway, including the storefront, windows, walls, ceilings and floors. You want to avoid any loose skirting as this could present a danger to the customer and employees, so being able to cover the physical conditions of your shop can help you maintain a clean looking restaurant and avoid any disruptions to your business.

Equipment and Stock: Your equipment is essential to running your takeaway successfully and machines such as fridges, cookers, ovens and fryers being out of action can put a serious halt to your business. But in the event that your key machinery is damaged due to a fire, flood or malfunction, you can use your insurance policy to cover any costs for repairs or replacements – and limit any downtime.

Contents insurance allows you to protect any vital stock that you keep in the premises such as drinks, foodstuffs and ingredients in case they are lost, stolen or damaged by perils. Provided you keep a close record of all your inventory, you can get the products replaced and the costs can be reimbursed. Your contents policy can also cover any gadgets and items you keep in-store such as card payment machines, display monitors and even furniture.

Accidental Damage Cover: We can never be sure when an accident is going to happen out of the blue, so it is advised to have some kind of accidental damage cover in place. Whether it is vandalism or a fire, having some protection in place can give you peace of mind that you are covered if an accident should occur.

Business Interruption: This is a type of insurance that covers you in case your business becomes suddenly interrupted and you cannot trade as usual. A common example is if your takeaway is destroyed by a fire or flood and therefore you cannot carry out your normal business activity. Your cover will reimburse you for any loss of income during that time which can be used to pay staff, suppliers and help put your business right again.

Employer’s Liability: This is a legal requirement for UK businesses and considers that business owners have a duty of care to look after their employees’ wellbeing in the workplace. For instance, if a staff member burns themselves whilst operating machinery and is badly injured, this insurance can help pay for any medical bills and time off work.

Other examples include staff members getting sick due to exposure to chemicals or suffering back pain due to heavy lifting. This cover is compulsory for UK firms and can lead to daily fines if documentation is not approved and available upon request. However, this is not a requirement if you are the only employee or exclusively hire family members (as it is assumed that you will be covering their medical bills anyway).

Public Liability: By owning a takeaway and being part of the local area and public domain, you need to have a policy in place that protects members of the public. For instance, what if a customer slips on your wet floor and sprains their ankle or what if a customer burns themselves on your extra hot coffee? If the customer believes that the scenario could have been avoided, they have the right to demand compensation. So if you have to incur legal fees and pay damages to the victim, this can be covered by your liability insurance.

Products Liability: The food that you are preparing is the product that you are selling to the public. Whilst we always try to make our cuisine as hygienic as possible, you can never be sure that the food you are serving is completely risk-free. In the event that a customer has an allergic reaction or suffers a rare case of food poisoning, they have the right to request some form of compensation. This could put your company in a legal battle and have to pay rewards of thousands or even millions of pounds. But having products liability insurance and proving that you were following best practices, your legal costs can be covered and you will not suffer the financial implications.