Tipper Insurance

Tipper Van Insurance from the Experts

A tipper van or ‘dumper truck’ consists of a van or truck with an open-box bed, hinged at the rear and equipped with hydraulic pistons in order to lift the front and deposit loose material and gravel onto the ground. It is common for the building and construction industry as a way to gather unwanted sand, gravel or dirt and remove from it the site in a safe and clean way. In fact, for several UK construction companies, it is a vital vehicle on site and the most common model is the Ford Transit Tipper.

However, in the event that something happens to your tipper, it is important to have insurance so that it does not bring your business to a halt and you can continue trading. Whether it is being involved in a road accident, accident on site, vehicle damage or stolen parts, having the right level of insurance can pay for any repairs and replacements so that you can keep your tipper on the road and your business running as per usual.

Arranging cost effective tipper van insurance requires the expert knowledge and underwriting experience of a specialist broker that is familiar with the market for this type of vehicle. At Be Wiser Business Insurance, we have access to highly specialised and very competitive insurance for tippers from a range of leading insurers and can recommend a policy to suit the needs of your business.

Our experienced advisors are on hand to take the hassle out of finding great insurance cover that will keep you and your business running smoothly. So why not give us a call now for a tipper insurance quote? We are based locally in Hampshire and by speaking to one of our CII certified insurance agents, we can get a better understanding of the vehicle you wish to insure and how a policy can be tailored to suit your business needs. Simply call us today on 0333 999 0802.

What Cover Can We Offer?

We can provide specialist cover for all kinds of tipper trucks including:

  • Transit tippers
  • Transfer dump trucks
  • Superdump trucks
  • Haul trucks
  • Articulated haulers
  • Semi-trailer bottom dump trucks
  • Double and triple trailer bottom dump trucks
  • Side dump trucks

Business Interruption

If an accident to your tipper causes it to suddenly be out of action, it can cause a serious interruption to your business. For instance, if you use your tipper on a construction site and without it you cannot remove any gravel or excess material, it can potentially stop your production immediately. For this scenario, you would be able to use business interruption cover which will reimburse you and your clients for any loss of revenue whilst your business is not functioning. So if there are extra costs to repair and replace your tipper or even fees added on due to delayed production, this type of cover will protect you financially.

Liability and Accidental Damage

With tippers coming in all shapes and sizes, there is always the risk that any use of the vehicle can have an impact on those around you and cause you to be liable for damages. As a business, it is important to have insurance for anything that you are hauling on public roads. In the event that some debris falls off the bed box and injures another driver or pedestrian, you will be held liable for any damages. Speak to our advisors about hauliers and public liability cover.

You should also insure any employees that are using your tipper either as a driver or involved in adding or removing materials from it. In the event that a staff member of yours is injured by a tipper during their work activity, your business will be held responsible and could be required to pay damages and compensation. This is also known as employer’s liability insurance and is compulsory for all UK businesses to have.

Other Characteristics

  • You have the option to add the ‘any driver’ extension which allows any member of staff named on the policy to be legally insured to use your tipper van or truck. This flexibility to switch drivers is very convenient for companies as workers will likely take turns using the vehicle or have different shifts on the job.
  • There is no upper age limit so anyone can be included on the policy provided they have a valid UK driver’s license.
  • We consider all accident and conviction histories when assessing your premium.
  • We provide cover for all kinds of tippers and trucks even if they weigh 3.5 tonnes and above.
  • We can provide European cover too if you wish to use your tipper overseas.

Save money on your policy

To save money on your premium, we will compare the deals and discounts offered by a range of insurers. Rather than just applying with one insurer and being restricted to their policies and prices, we give you the benefit of using several companies to find the best offer. We will always look for ways to help you save money. This includes increasing your voluntary excess where you agree to pay more in case you have to make a claim, but provided that you do not make a claim you will simply pay less.

Other recommendations include adding security features to your tippers such as keeping them in a garage overnight or adding tracking devices. As the expensive components that make up a tipper can sometimes to be targeted by thieves, any attempt you can make to lower the risk of theft will be welcomed by your insurer with a lower premium. If you have multiple tippers, we can recommend a fleet policy which puts numerous vehicles under the same policy and allows you to make a saving for every extra tipper that you insure.

We treat every enquiry on an individual basis and work hard to find the right policy for you. You can request a callback or call us today on 0333 999 0802.