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We provide specialist tractor insurance for small holders, landowners and hobbyist farmers. Whether the tractor is kept on your own land or driven on the UK roads, we can help find the right policy for you. We work with leading insurance companies that offer policies for all kinds of tractors such as Massey Ferguson, New Holland and John Deere.

Our team of insurance experts are based in Hampshire, surrounded by agriculture, so we are used to providing insurance quotes for tractors and combine harvesters. Call us on 0333 999 0802 to speak to one of our advisors who will ask a few questions about your vehicle and its uses and provide you with a competitive quote today.

What cover is available?

Our policies cover you for the following purposes:

  • Agriculture and farming
  • Construction
  • Rallies
  • Driving on the road
  • Agriculture shows
  • Laid up cover

Third party: This is the minimum level of insurance legally required to operate a tractor. This provides cover for any damages to third parties including other individuals, vehicles or property but does not offer any compensation for repairs to your own vehicle.

Fire and theft: This is the next level up of insurance and covers you for third party, fire and theft. Fires can often occur with tractors caused by an oil or diesel leak coming into contact with a high temperature object. Theft is also common for tractors because owners tend to leave their keys in the ignition overnight, which makes it attractive for thieves.

Fully comprehensive: The highest level of vehicle cover, you are protected for any claims made by third parties and can have any repairs and replacements made to your tractor at any time, including fire and theft.

Claims Assistance: Policies from Be Wiser include free claim assistance so if you are involved in a lawsuit, your insurance will be able to pay for any legal fees and compensation provided that you were not at fault.

Business interruption: We appreciate that if your tractor is out of action that you may not be able to do your farm-based work as per usual and this might lead to a loss of income. With a business interruption extension, you are able to receive compensation from your insurer for any lost business so that you are not worse off financially.

Public liability: With up to £10 million worth of cover available, this extension protects you from any claims made by members of the public who have been affected by your business activity. For anyone that is injured or property that is damaged due to your tractor, this cover will pay for any compensation.

Employers Liability: If you hire staff to operate your tractors, there is always the risk that they might get injured due to a machine malfunction, loose clothing getting caught or even a road accident. By law, you are required to have cover in place to protect your employees so if they are injured, your insurance will pay for any medical bills, loss of income and compensation.

Tractor trailer insurance included in your policy

For those tractors used for agriculture or construction and have a trailer at the back to carry materials, crops and debris, you can get the trailer insured as part of your policy. This can be crucial to how you run your business so it is important that it can be repaired or replaced quickly and any costs can be covered by your insurance.

Vintage and classic tractor insurance

Classic tractor insurance is considered to be anything older than 25 years old and if it still works, why change it for another? If you own a classic John Deere, Fordson or any type of vintage tractor, we can offer a policy to suit your requirements.

Vintage models can be worth more over time due to their classic design and because they are rare. Therefore, you can get ‘agreed value cover’ to make sure that you get the right amount from your insurer if you need to make any repairs or replacements – and not just want it is worth as a piece of metal that depreciates in value.

Laid up cover for a tractor

For owners that do not currently have their tractor in use, they may wish to get laid up cover. Since the tractor is still worth something, it is sensible to get insurance for any potential damages such as a fire, theft or other accident. So having your tractor insured means that it will be in a good condition if you want to reuse it or sell it in the future.

If you do not plan on using your tractor on UK roads, you can declare your vehicle SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and this will exempt you from paying road insurance for your vehicle.

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How to save money on your premium

There are several ways to save on your tractor insurance policy and our trusted advisors will give you recommendations every step of the way. Whilst the minimum age to drive a tractor is 16, it will be beneficial to have more experienced drivers on your policy and if they have a no claims bonus, there are discounts of up to 80% available. Other ideas include using limited mileage discounts if you know how much you will be driving each year and can set it to a specific limit.

If you have several tractors, you can consider putting them under a fleet insurance policy which will give you a discount for buying insurance in bulk and allow you to save time on the administration by having all your machines under one policy. Also, if you know that you are only going to be using a tractor a limited period of time like an event, show or harvest, there is no need to pay for an entire annual policy as you can make a saving by insuring your vehicle for only a few weeks or months.

Finally, one of the most important things you can do is make sure your tractor is safe from being stolen. This includes treating it like a normal car and not leaving the cars in the ignition and keeping it locked in a shed, barn or garage when not in use.