Van Insurance

Our van insurance policies are designed to help your business run smoothly. So for any road accidents or theft, your insurance will cover any repairs and replacements and you can continue trading in no time. We work with all kinds of vans for business use such as the Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter and also classic vehicles.

Van insurance for commercial use

Our products are specifically for commercial use so whether you work for a large company or are self-employed, we are able to cover your van and any of the goods you keep inside.

We understand that keeping your vehicle on the road is essential because if your van isn’t working, then you aren’t either. As commercial vehicle specialists, we are able to select from a large range of industry leading van insurance schemes, from a panel of top providers. Be Wiser offers insurance for all vehicle types, plus a range of additional covers, so our experienced advisors will build a policy to suit the precise needs of your business.

Our friendly advisors are on hand to take the hassle out of finding great insurance cover that will keep you and your business running smoothly. All our clients enjoy free breakdown cover, free legal service and free mobile phone, handbag/wallet and gadget cover. So why not give us a call now on 0333 999 0802 for a no-obligation quote?

Road cover

You can choose what level of cover you want to drive on UK roads. The most basic level of cover to drive legally on the road is ‘third party insurance’ which protects any third parties that you have an accident with, but will not pay for any personal damages to you or your vehicle. (Source: Citizen’s Advice Bureau)

The next level includes ‘third party, fire and theft’ so that your vehicle can be replaced if it is destroyed by a fire, lost or stolen. The highest level of road cover you can get is ‘fully comprehensive’ which includes third party, fire, theft and also any damages to your own vehicle – so if you are involved in an accident, your insurance will pay for any repairs to your van if you make a claim.

It has been common for van owners to opt for third party cover only because it is deemed the minimum and the cheapest, but over time, insurers have caught onto this. Therefore, the cost of third party insurance and fully comprehensive is more or less the same and it could be worth upgrading when you speak to your insurer.

Tradesman van insurance

At Be Wiser, we provide specialist tradesman insurance for builders, carpenters, plumbers and more. Our tailored policies can extend to covering your tools, machines and equipment that you keep in your van and also liability cover to protect your employees, professional indemnity and members of the public. Your policy can be taken out on an annual basis or you can specify for a certain number of weeks or months which ideal for contract work.

With our business interruption cover, you will receive reimbursement for any loss of income that you experienced whilst your van was out of use. So you have some financial protection for your business and will never experience a serious loss of revenue.

Courier van insurance

Whether are you an individual courier or look after several couriers, we can provide cover not only the vehicles but also the stock that you are transporting as well. We appreciate that running a courier service is making sure that your vehicle is running smoothly and that you can deliver your goods on time and in one piece. So our policy covers your vehicle on the road and any goods that you want to haul and protects them from being damaged, stolen or lost. You can cover any items such as food, materials and general stock to be transported in the UK and Europe too.

Be Wiser puts everything under one single policy

The benefit of getting your insurance through Be Wiser Business Insurance is that we are able to put all the policy extensions you want under one single policy. Rather than having to open a new account each time, you can simply add things like liability cover or contents insurance to your account whenever you want – saving you time, money and administration.

If you have several vans, we can help you make a real saving with fleet insurance where you get a discount for every vehicle you add. We are used to getting our customers some major discounts by comparing the rates from our panel of insurers but our advisors will give you some other tips too. For instance, if you keep your tools in your van overnight, we suggest taking them inside with you to avoid theft. In addition, any extra security features you add to your vehicle will be welcomed such as a GPS tracker or keeping the van in a garage overnight.

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Cover Available:

  • Hauliers' Liability Cover
  • Employers' Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Legal Assistance
  • Cover also for vehicles of 3.5 tonnes and above
  • European Cover available
  • Tradesman
  • No Upper Age Limit
  • All Accident and Conviction Histories Considered

We also arrange cover for: