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Van Courier Insurance

Our specialist courier van insurance gives you the cover that is essential to keep you and your business on the road. Whether you are a self-employed courier, owner-driver or run an established company, we understand how important it is to keep you and your consignments on the move. We offer courier insurance for all types of van, plus a range of additional covers, so our experienced advisors can build a policy to suit the exact needs of your business.

Couriers have slightly more complex requirements than the average motorist. They tend to spend long hours on the road and also make multiple stops. When carrying precious deliveries and cargo, there are additional risks in the event that these are damaged or stolen. This is where van courier insurance comes in, to provide you and your business with the appropriate cover possible.

Be Wiser can select from a vast range of schemes offered by a panel of leading insurance providers, to ensure you receive the best insurance cover for your business' needs. Our friendly advisors are on hand to take the hassle out of finding great cover that will keep you and business on the move, so call now on 0333 999 0802.

Who is Van Courier Insurance for?

This cover is for drivers who use their vans for commercial reasons, including hire and reward, where you transport other people’s goods in exchange for money. So anyone who runs a company that involves driving for a living and regularly delivering goods should consider this type of insurance.

We can offer insurance for the following types of deliveries:

How Much Does Courier Van Insurance Cost?

The cost of goods in transit cover starts at a very low rate of £3.27 a week but the cost to cover your vehicle will depend on the number and type of vehicles, the age of your driver, mileage, times of day and locations that you cover.

Discounts are available to those that insure their vehicle in fleets, because it is like you are purchasing your insurance in bulk and you will also save time on the administration involved. Any additional security features you can add to your vehicle will also help bring down the price. This includes keeping your vans locked in a garage overnight or behind a gate and adding cameras to vehicle as it could help assess a liability claim. By having drivers on your policy under the age of 25 will potentially add a lot of cost to your premium as they are considered less experienced and a higher risk of making a claim.

What Cover Can We Offer?

Vehicle Cover

It is a legal requirement to have at least third party cover for all vehicles that you wish to use on UK roads. The only reason that they would not need insurance is if they have been declared off-road and you have submitted a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Business owners can choose from basic third party insurance up to fully comprehensive cover. It is noted that the cheapest option is not necessarily the best, especially since you may have lots of vehicles on the road and will need the cover for any eventuality. By having sufficient cover, you are able to claim for any damages or replacements to your own vehicle so that you can get back on the road and making deliveries in no time. Your insurance will also pay towards the damages of any other victims if you are involved in a road accident.

Goods in Transit

Covering your vehicles is one thing but what about the goods you are carrying? For courier businesses, making sure the precious cargo is delivered on time and in one piece is essential to running a successful enterprise. GIT in designed specifically for the unique risks that couriers are exposed to and will cover you if your cargo is lost, stolen or damaged in transit. Your insurance will be able to reimburse you and the client for the damaged goods, based on the level of cover you take out.

Courier Breakdown Cover

With several couriers on the road and lots of deliveries to make, your business cannot afford to have any vans broken down on the side of the road. Courier breakdown cover means that any fees incurred for calling out a professional to come fix your vehicles will be covered. It will give you and your business the peace of mind knowing that your drivers doing long hours on the road will be able to call up and get their vehicles fixed if need be.

Business Interruption

There are several things that could potentially interrupt your business and bring it to a standstill, for instance:

For any unforeseen circumstances like the ones above, you can get specific cover that will pay you for any loss of income during this period. If your clients are also affected because your business interruption and they pursue legal action, any legal fees and compensation can also be covered through your insurance.

Liability Cover

When carrying out your business activity, you always run the risk of being responsible for other damages, accidents and injuries and this is what liability insurance can help you with. Public liability insurance is specifically to cover any members of the public that you come into contact with. For instance, if one of your deliveries falls out of your van whilst in transit and damages another vehicle or injuries a pedestrian, any legal, medical fees and compensation claims can be covered by your insurance.

Employers liability is a legal requirement if you hire staff that are not direct family members. This insurance will cover any injuries sustained by working as a courier for your business, including the effects of long-haul driving, back injuries and damage due to heavy lifting. This cover can contribute towards sick days, medical bills and loss of income.

European Cover

If you are couriering goods across Europe, you will need specific cover for this. If your vehicle breaks down in Spain or your goods are stolen in France, you need to have the appropriate cover so that you can get reimbursed and not be financially worse off.

Any Driver

If you have several couriers on your books and they are using different vehicles every day, most policies will be issued on an ‘any driver basis.’ This means that different drivers will be insured to use different vehicles and this is perfect if you have employees doing different shift work. Also, if a vehicle breaks down, the driver can simply continue driving in another vehicle so there is no downtime for your business.

Useful Information

Courier insurance is commonly confused with haulage insurance, the difference being that couriers will typically be vans or bikes making multiple drop-offs per day and haulers will tend to be lorries or trucks that drive a long way to deliver a single load. Other differences include the weight of goods carried, with haulers generally carrying over 3.5 or 7.5 tonnes.

Although courier van insurance can be used to cover day-to-day parcels, gifts and takeaway food, some insurers are less flexible when it comes to transporting hazardous and chemical materials. As there are additional risks involved, some insurers will not cover these but others will, so it is important to raise this with the insurer we put you in touch with.

Even if you use your vans for couriering and business purposes, you can also use your vehicles for social and domestic reasons, such as driving to friends or family and on the weekends. You should just mention this to one of our advisors when you apply over the phone.

Business owners can take advantage of a no claims discounts which can provide a saving of up to 80% on your premium, provided that you drive claim-free for several years. This bonus can be passed onto additional drivers or for the very least, they can receive an introductory offer. To see if you are eligible, call our team of advisors on 0333 999 0802.

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