Vet's Insurance

As a small Veterinary business it’s important to lead your team of professionals and provide the right balance of care and expertise for your client’s and their animals. As a profession there are over 19,000 registered veterinary surgeons (RCVS) practising members in the UK covering a variety of clinical practices from small animals, research, and academic careers.

Protecting your business, team and clients’ in a growing service sector is a priority – your practice is not just a job but a vocation (livelihood).

High levels of care

Caring for sick animals is a full on roller coaster of ups and downs not always knowing for sure if there is going to be a ‘happy ending’. So keeping records and accounts safe is essential. The loss of records, in particular accounts could find you in trouble with HMRC and VAT. So to protect against fire, flood or even infestation makes complete sense by having Business Interruption cover in place.

Protecting your Team

Your ‘front line’ staff are dealing with distressing and stressful situations daily, so protecting them under your Employers’ Liability insurance is an area our commercial advisors will be able to help you with. From your Buildings and Contents insurance to Legal Expenses and Professional Indemnity insurance we can cover it all.

Take the next step

Why not give us a call 0333 999 0802 or 0800 042 0401? Once we have your business details you can leave it to us. We can put together a package of insurance cover that takes the biscuit, dog biscuit of course!

Or you can get an online quotation. If you have any questions though or you would like us to call you back at a more convenient time, please complete your contact details here and we will call you.